Thursday, June 3, 2010

Singapore Bay Run

This year I'm planning to run 2 full marathons (42km). The first had been accomplished in the Borneo International Marathon just about a month ago. The second will be in the Penang Bridge International Marathon on 21 November 2010.

Apart from running the full marathons, however, I'm also plannning to fill in the gaps between them with shorter runs. I have therefore done the Pacesetters New Balance 30KM and the half marathon (21km) in the Energizer Night Race.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have missed the Sundown in Singapore and the Malakoff in Penang. So I'm fast running out of races between now and November. In my desperation to throw in a race into my running schedule, I have gone online to register for a half marathon in the Singapore Bay Run which will be on 12 September.

I did not really read all the information before signing up, but now I need to make all the other reservations, e.g. hotel room, air passage etc. So I went back to the official website, and only now I realise that there isn't much info on the race venue. Being a first timer for this race, I have no past experience to fall back on. It says in the website that the race venue is "Padang". I can only imagine there must be many Padangs in Singapore, but I need something more specific than just Padang, so that I might be able to book a room closeby. I need to do this fairly quickly as I now see that there were 70,000 people running last year; so hotels close to the venue will be very sought-after during the race. At this stage I'm not very concerned with the race route. Can anyone help me out with with this please?

After the Singapore Bay Run, I will be focusing on the Penang marathon where I will again be up against that forsaken Dr Peter who said he will be running together with me this time! I will need to do something almost magical to stay ahead because quite frankly I have been lucky over the last two races against him. The first marathon we ran against each other, I was a comfortable 5 minutes ahead of him. But a month ago, I beat him by only a few seconds! Chances are he will beat me in Penang, but I'm sure as hell gonna make it very hard for him to achieve it!

Beyond the Penang marathon, I'm entertaining the idea of running a half marathon in Cambodia in December. I was not too keen at first, until Teo said that he would come along if I'm really going, thus foregoing the Singapore Marathon this year. He said the thought of running a half marathon while avoiding land mines seems like a great idea! Yeah right! great idea until we come home without a leg or two! Teo is gifted with weird ideas, you see. If he's not careful, he will eventually achieve his goal of representing Malaysia in the sport of curling one of these days. I think he has the cutting for it—especially the sweeper!

Mia said that it's not necessary to take that kind of risk in Cambodia—neither of us had been to Cambodia before, so you must forgive us for imagining what Cambodia is like. I think it has a lot to do with the kind of Cambodia Sylvester Stallone had shown us, if you know what I mean. But right now, let's deal with the Singapore Bay Run first, hmmm?...


Kim Peng said...

"Padang" should be referring to "Old Parliament"...It's nearby the City Hall MRT Station and Suntec...

Cornelius said...

Oh! that sounds very much like that same "Padang" of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, Kim Peng? Then that should make the whole thing easier, because I can simply book a room in the same hotel as last December! Thanks Kim Peng.

teo said...

Hey Corny,

I guess I have a big gap too after Gold Coast Marathon till Dec. Sept sounds a good date to do a half but I will reserve Singapore for next year StanChart Sing Marathon. Dont want to do or go to the same event or place twice. Better use that money to run at new places around Asia.

So, I started to search other marathons around ASEAN country and there is the Bali Half Marathon on 17 Oct. Just nice for you to start to peak for Penang. Cant find any around KL between Sept to Oct, except some 10K runs which we are all not very interested.

Hey, our Angkor Half is on right? There are 3 events on that same day, Sing and Macau Marathon. So I have to choose either Angkor or Macau. If u r coming to Angkor then it will be Angkor. If not, I might do Macau instead .... "ALONE".

Aiya, really feel like joining the so called "Borneo Runners" to Penang this Nov. If I dint do it last year, I will SURELY go. But who knows, I might change my mind after GC. Cheers

Kim Peng said...

You are welcome. Hope I did not provide u the wrong info. It's advised by my friends from Singapore.

Unknown said...

The SBR/AHM starts at the Padang (there is only 1 Padang in Sg), same as the SCSM marathon start last year. So any hotels around that area will be fine.

If you are looking for another half marathon. there is the Seremban Half on 11 July and Hatyai Nature Run on 8 August. Or why not do the TNF 50km in Singapore in Oct or the Newton 30km also in Oct? In fact the Newton 30km will be a good final long run for the Penang Marathon.

And Angkor Wat is safe. So far none of my friends who went came back missing 1 leg:) But a good alternative is the Macau marathon. With cooler weather, you might get your elusive sub 4:30.

teo said...

Hi Tekko,

Seems like you have been running around many different places. Nice to know that there are some options from Aug to Nov 2010 i.e. Newton 30km. Its in Singapore right on 10/10/10!!! This is what I am waiting for, something new, something special. It will be even more special if I do the 10K, then it wil be 10 on 10/10/10 !!!

Yes Tekko, I might consider Macau Half Marathon too IF Corny never answer to my request to do Angkor. There will be a direct flight from Kota Kinabalu to Macau and it takes only around 2hr30min. My target is to go to as many places around Asia to do a run either Half or Full Marathon while having a short break from work. Also, I am a crazy fellow which likes to collect Medals, Trophies & Certificates. Cheers

Cornelius said...

Thanks for the confirmation of the venue, Tekko.

By the way, that is interesting, "PADANG" in Singapore refers only to the one and only (race venue of SCSM). I meant "PADANG" as in padang main bola, i.e. the ordinary meaning of the word. Surely there are other padangs in Singapore where you can play football for example?

So I have signed up for the Singapore Bay Run. But now that you mentioned a 30KM race, that sounds good too. Where will that one be? Also at the PADANG? I don't mind to try that one too because I need to run that distance in preparation for Penang Marathon anyway. I see no harm to get a medal for it!... hehehe.

But after Penang Marathon, I'm not looking for another full marathon, especially not 2 weeks after it! I'm just thinking of a milder 21km.

Cornelius said...


The main reason I haven't given you an answer is because I haven't been able to make up my mind.

On the one hand, I'm quite keen on Angkor Wat, because I've never been there. But Mia is not very keen lah. Still afraid of land mines, if you know what I mean. I'm trying to tell her nothing can happen to us since we have got insurance. Whoever's got insurance will be invincible, you know!

Then there's that talk about Macau. She's more interested in that one, because she said she, too, wants to run one more race after Penang. She said she will come along if I'm going to Macau. And I have never been to Macau too. It's been 18 years we've been married, but I still miss that crazy woman whenever I'm away from home lah. It would be nice if we can do the race together. And even JJ can come along. Just that I will have to bring along a baby-sitter to look after her while we run!

So perhaps it's OK to postpone Angkor Wat till next year. Except that another friend said he will want to join us if we're going to Angkor Wat.

I must start doing a bit of research. I have no idea what to expect in Macau except of course for bird flu. If there are interesting places to visit, then I suppose we can organise a short holiday to coincide with the race there?

teo said...

Hi Corny,

In that case, it will be Macau Marathon (Half). I have been there 3 times as a visitor, nice place for makan, sigh seeing & a little gambling. I will be going with my family so I guess JJ can stay with my wife and daugther. Of course instead of sponsoring a babysitter for a Return Flight,Accom, Food, Transport, Salary etc I can give you a special discount (Now, do I qualify to be Businessman or a Professional Ah Long?)hahaha

Last Sat after our run, we had a mini gathering in the evening - Andrew suggested to do Angkor Half in 2011, so we might as well do Angkor in a bigger group next year. They also tried to persuade me to do Penang FULL, I guess besides Dr Joseph, I am the other one not doing Penang. So far, we have u, Mia, Andrew, Helen, Judy, Kevin, Jack, Liaw, Peter, Felice (may be). Hhmmm....another 42.2km, let me sleep on it first la, may be after Gold Coast I MIGHT change my mind.

As for the 18KM/30KM, please update your status if you decide to do it. The only thing I might do it is bcoz it's on 10/10/10. Cheers

Cornelius said...

Macau is fine with me. Just that it's gonna be very close for Mia. Her best time so far in the half marathon is 2:30. And I was told the time limit for the half marathon in Macau is also 2:30! But hopefully the cold weather then can help. So is the registration open yet? I want to find out more info on this race. You have the link?

teo said...


Good and bad...Good is that u have finally decided.

Bad, Air Asia seems like not flying, I entered the date but they showed no flight available!!! Next, the registration not open yet. Early birds is RM150 but late registration can go from RM300 to RM350. Wah, just like Gold Coast Marathon la. You can check out this site;

2hr30min, wah lau....I might miss out too if my stomach is bad on that day, just like last Sat, have to visit the toilet at Water Front!!

Cornelius said...

Hmm... are you saying we will have to take connecting flights to and fro, teo? Doesn't sound like very appealing, huh? Are there any direct flights from KK? I mean not necessarily Airasia?

And what about the Newton 30Km in Singapore on 10 October? That sounds interesting too.

Oh by the way, I think Dr Joseph will be going to Penang after all. I think you should come along, teo!

kkchai said...

Chiang Mai Marathon would be a good option. It's a small running event but the weather condition there is perfect for long/middle distance running. Spend Christmas away from home for a change. This year they are having the run on Boxing Day. No running credentials required, everybody can run.

Unknown said...

The website for the Newton Run is There will also be one in KL on 26/9/10 but that is for 25km and too soon after the SBR.

Cornelius said...

Thanks, Tekko, for the link. I'm not so well-versed with Singapore, so I still need to find out more about whether there are closeby hotels to the venue of the Newton 30km. Doubt that I will run the 25km in KL... timing just not right.

Am now all set for the Sept 12. Will be a lonely trip for me... fly in on Saturday, run first thing on Sunday morning, and then fly home on that same day!

Cornelius said...


Not sure about being away during Christmas. I am OK, Mia is the one not likely to do Christmas run. But she's also the one takut mati. Takut bomb, takut war breakout. Takut birdflu. Like that better stay at home lor!

Unknown said...

Hi Corny,
The Newton 30km is at the East Coast Park's Playground@Big Splash. You will have pass by it last year during the SCSM.

Nearest accommodation is the Goldkist Beach Resort, a no frill chalet resort. This is located on the East Coast Park itself and is a 2km walk to the start point. The website for this resort is

Better hotels are at Katong side: namely Paramount Hotel( and Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel ( This area is famed for its food especially Pernankan food. There is a big mall Parkway Parade as well. Both hotels are also about 2km away from the start point at Playground. Very easy to walk over from the hotels as there are overhead bridges and underpass access to East Coast Park from Katong.

There are cheaper hotels scattered around the area but these cheaper hotels offer transit rates (if you know what I mean) so I wouldn't recommend them.

Unfortunately, I won't be doing this since I going to do the North Face which is on the day before.

Let me know if you need more info.

Cornelius said...

Ah! thanks for the info, Tekko! Yes, I think I have an idea where's this place. It's some kind of park with long undulating terrains; lots of trees.

I'll check out the hotels etc. This race will be just nice as a training run. Maybe not so much for setting records though.