Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Thief & The Bloody Fool

This thing about being a slave to one's addiction is quite interesting. Many of us are sane people with numerous weaknesses. Some people are addicted to drugs—they are aware that drugs can harm their health, yet they can't control themselves. No matter what they do, in the end they won't be able to resist the temptation of drugs.

Others are slaves to other kinds of addictions. Anwar Ibrahim, for example, is unable to resist beautiful young men like Saiful, though this is just my own deduction which I admit may be totally wrong. And so when the lad dangled the carrot—or maybe something other than carrots—there was nothing much that Anwar could do but fall right into the trap. That's what slavery to one's addiction is all about. Saiful was of course no fool—I think from the very beginning, he put his ass on the line for the sole purpose of cashing in on this man's weakness. Hence, for two days after the joker fell into the trap, Saiful did not have any bowel movement, he did not have a bath, all for the sake of "preserving evidence". In the mean time, of course he scouted around for the best bidder for the prized "evidence".

Some people who are also slaves to their addictions may escape detection for a long time, sometimes for many years. This world is made of people of different sizes, colours and conducts. And some of them have a fetish for stealing used panties and bras. I don't know whether "used" in this case is "used" as in "not new", or "used" as in "worn and unwashed". If it means "not new" (but washed), then I don't quite understand the significance of the sniffing of those panties. So I am forced to the assumption of "used" here means "unwashed" panties. But it makes me wonder what those smell like. Not that I'm seriously keen to find out, of course! And then I suppose after 2 days, the smell on those panties must have lost its potency. And of course not to waste the items, the thief would actually wear them!

Our pool of nutcases in Malaysia is quite unique; some of them are also very creative! It can really push one's imagination to the extreme in an effort to understand these people! And some of these "bloody fools" are not only bloody fools in the slang way, but in the literal way too! Really scary!

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