Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Palliative Care Association Kota Kinabalu Treasure Hunt

A couple of weeks ago, I put up the announcement of the fund-raising Treasure Hunt organised by the Palliative Care Association of Kota Kinabalu on the sidebar of this blog. Today, I received an email from Ellen Yee who sits in the committee. She requested me to help the association to promote this hunt. And so I am making the proper announcement here now.

The theme for this hunt is:

"Reaching Out to Paediatric Care"

Many of you have obtained the entry forms which were distributed after the recent Tambak Series 1 organised by Kena Tembak. However, there were teams which were unable to make that hunt, and therefore did not get a copy of the entry form. Unfortunately, this blogger is just too hopeless with the internet thing and am therefore at a loss on how to upload the entry form onto this blog. If you are keen to join, please write to me at:

I shall be pleased to send you a softcopy version of the entry form as an attachment file via email. In the mean time, I will also begin to send out emails and probably even text messages to teams I know of, just to remind some of you busy (and forgetful) people.

Most of the information on this hunt will be available on the entry form itself, but I am giving the basic ones here to whet your appetite:

Date of Hunt: 26 July 2009

Briefing: 25 July 2009 @ 2pm @ Grand Ballroom, Sutera Megellan Hotel

Entry Fee: RM350 per team

Closing Date for Entry: 18 July 2009 @ 3pm


1) Dr Joseph Ninan (088-761472)
2) Ellen Yee (088-231505/257507, 013-8109963)
3) Angela Enggoh (088-231505/257507)

If for whatever reason you are unable to contact the above persons, you may also write to me and I shall try to help you out promptly.


A friend, Michael Pang, is kind enough to help me with "hosting the entry form" for this hunt (one of these days I will learn all these stuff). It is now possible to download the ENTRY FORM from here. I have also created the Entry Form link at the announcement on my sidebar. Thanks Mike.

It is also possible to download the Entry Form from the sidebar of A Hunter's Tale. Thanks Hunters "R" Us.


2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Send it to me and I will help post it up. Hopefully the hunt will attract some hunters from the West!

Cornelius said...

Thanks, 2R1I, for your help. We need all the help to make this hunt a success! Have sent the entry form to your emailbox.

teo said...

Who is the COC? U or Alvin?

Cornelius said...


Alvin is the CoC. Or rather, his team, Kena Tembak. You ought to know that the questions are contributed by the team, I believe mainly by Alvin and Christine. So you may find a bit of variations in terms of style.

But I'm somewhat curious, Teo, why suddenly the question on the CoC? There is suddenly a preference for Alvin's style kah? (Smile) If like that my own KK Challenge 5 in October not laku lor! Your team must support my hunt also ah!

Cornelius said...

Well, well, well, what d'you know, it seems that not one, but two KL teams coming for this hunt! Can you feel the heat building up now?

Hmmm... looks like we Sabahans will be fighting for the 3rd prize only, i.e. RM600. I think we can all forget about that RM2,000 and RM1,000.

Still some more weeks before the hunt. Wonder if more KL teams will come. Hmmm... scary!

Late for my run. So glad I'm only doing 6km today!... yipee! Later folks!