Friday, May 8, 2009


Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, our new Prime Minister, made a visit to Sabah earlier this week; and I thought perhaps it's just right that I mention his visit here in this blog.

As a general "rule" in Malaysia whenever a new Prime Minister takes office, he will visit all the states to meet the people. He is also bound to make visits to unlikely places, of which when reported in the press, deserve the exclamation marks. His predecessor, Pak Lah, for example, made a "surprise" visit the to an Immigration Office to observe the kind of service given to the public. Najib, too, suddenly appeared on a train in KL on one Saturday afternoon to experience for himself the kind of transportation system we have in the city.

These frequent visitations will most probably continue for about 6 months—but certainly not beyond a year. After that, the Prime Minister will be very busy with more important matters such as trying to develop the country and eradicating corruption in the administration. That should keep him busy for a long time. The next round of frequent visitations will be around the time when it's near to the general election. There is, of course, nothing strange about this visitation trend. If the Opposition can somehow form the next government, the new Prime Minister will also do exactly the same thing.

I for one would love to see more of Najib in Sabah. It's nothing to do with whether I am a big fan of the man, but when someone "important" like him makes visit, a lot of things can suddenly get done—literally overnight. Roads which are long overdue for upgrading because of insufficient budget can suddenly be upgraded, with workers working throughout the night, just in time to make a grand welcome for the Prime Minister. How or where the budgets for such works came from has always been a big mystery.

The streets in the city, and even the handicraft stalls can suddenly become exceptionally clean and beautiful. All the outstanding works which have been left undone for years are suddenly completed almost magically. Many other things which the relevant authorities have neglected for years are also attended to.

If only the Prime Minister can make more frequent visits, a lot of things can actually get done for the good of the people. I would therefore welcome Najib to Sabah with open arms.

No—seriously—I mean it!


Anonymous said...

Because of his visit to sabah on Mon to Tues it cause major trafic jam...

Cornelius said...

Yes, my anonymous friend, there are also some negative side effects of the visitations too. I suppose we can expect to have it all our way.