Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Damn that van—did it really have to reverse and hit the violently-shaking car in the park? Must have been quite an impact too! And holy cow!... never, ever, surprise a woman when she's busy dealing with the weenee. [The Star]

To sidetrack a bit, during the Rotarian meeting yesterday, we were enjoying the fellowship when suddenly someone brought up the subject of Viagra. I said I've heard the warning that Viagra is not an entertainment drug. Well if it's not an entertainment drug, then what is it? Iskandar—trying to be smart—responded, saying that it's meant to pump more blood into the heart. Then Amrullah corrected him, saying that the drug pumps the blood into the wrong organ and as the side effect, it will cause a heart attack. These are people better off staying away from the medical profession. Otherwise a lot of people will die.

Anyway, just imagine the series of unfortunate events those poor souls had to endure. While enjoying (I'm assuming at least the man was enjoying it) the intimate moment, a van just had to reverse into their car. Of the many, many thousands of vehicles in Singapore, it just had to be their car. But never mind the damage to the car—the penis, what's to become of it? Then there's the woman's husband he had to deal with. Not to mention getting very famous in this region for the wrong reason. Oh man, he's screwed.

But seriously, I don't know what's the problem between the woman and her husband. I don't have a problem between 2 consenting adults having this kind of relationship. Well, OK, I do not condone the woman's act, and I honestly sympathise with her husband. But to accidentally bite off her lover's penis?

Don't you think there is more justice in this world if this kind of thing can happen to these fellows instead?

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