Thursday, July 10, 2008

The In Thing

Is it me, or is anal sex fast becoming a favourite pastime of some very important people in Malaysia? It seems to be the in thing, huh? If they're false accusations, must it be anal sex? I'm sure we could use some originality in those accusations.

This fellow has an obsession of becoming the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. At one time, he was almost there. In some ways, he was already there. But for the sodomy charges, he would be there today. Instead, he was thrown into prison for a few years, beaten up real bad, subjected to arsenic poisoning, and finally released and now still obsessed with wanting to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

This fellow, on the other hand, also wants to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. But it does not appear like an obsession. I say it does not appear like an obsession, but he might well be obsessed with the idea too.

Well, both these men—one of them will probably be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia—allegedly have a special fascination and attraction to the anus. But of these 2 fellows, the first one makes better headlines in my opinion. He is not attracted to just any anus. No—it has to be the anus of a young man.

I'm just trying to understand that fascination. As a man it is not even possible for me to become aroused when I see the anus of another man. If anything, I find it disgusting instead. But I guess it takes all sorts to make the world, huh?

Of those who were supposed to have been the "victims" of the above politicians, the woman did not make it to tell her story. She was shot twice in the head and then blown up into pieces in the jungle.

The other victim—and this one is even more interesting—is a young man who actually volunteered his services during the recent general election. Maybe he did not specify the kind of services he volunteered for when he signed up. He was allegedly sodomized by the pervert politician. He lives to tell his story (what a way for the fiancee to find out that her man is no longer a virgin). It is unclear whether there was any element of force, but if indeed he was forced, I find it strange that a man in his early twenties was overpowered by a 60-year old man. I can only guess that it's some kind of (sexual) hormonal reactions that helped the 60-year old man, much the same way how Dr Bruce Banner can suddenly transform into The Incredible Hulk, if you know what I mean.

The other possibility is duress, e.g. the old man put a gun to the poor chap's head. Or perhaps he employed bodyguards who helped him pinned down the young man while he had his way with him. There is yet another possibility; that the young man consented to the act. But in that case, I'm not sure if he can still qualify as a victim? In fact, if indeed this third possibility is the correct one, the so-called "victim" should be punished too.

I hope these accusations are all merely entertainments, cooked up to amuse us Malaysians in the light of escalating cost of living. It's a scary thought that our next Prime Minister is a sodomite freak!


Hope said...

lol! an interesting way to look at the matter :)

Cornelius said...

Yeah, Hopeful, I suppose for some people, after they have tried all possible avenues they can think of, they will eventually want to approach from the "rear entrance".

I still can't imagine that I will ever try that particular approach. Maybe in 20 years from now, when my wife has grown old and ugly, God help me, I swear I still won't choose the anus over my wife!... HAHAHA!