Monday, July 7, 2008

Hormonal Reactions

Since I was a teenager, I am not known as a very interesting guy. I have no style; no class. Girls my age used to find me very boring. Although my playboy dad used to smoke up to 4 packets of cigarettes per day, I couldn't stand it. The smoke gets into the clothes and hair; and not to forget, it potentially shortens my life too.

Neither do I like liquor—any kind, even beer (although some people don't really consider beer as liquor). On several occasions I tried drinking beer as I was told by some friends that moderate consumption of beer could have medicinal benefits. Others suggested red wine. I tried 'em all, but did not find 'em agreeing with my taste buds.

Anyway, did you know that all types of liquors contain a very small amount of women's hormone? Not much though—only very, very little. I must have read of a research done some time ago, but I can't remember where. When a normal man drinks a large amount of liquor, the women's hormone will begin to show its effect. The man will gradually lose his ability to drive; and he will start talking a whole lot of nonsense. If you don't believe me, go on and try several shots of whiskey. I bet you will get those symptoms too.

Well, I'm not a doctor, but I reckon perhaps this guy had too much to drink. Maybe he should consider laying off those liquors for the next few months. That might help.

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