Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How Long Is Too Long?

I've gone outstation for a business trip and arrived home last night. And then today was a busy day at the office—there were many valuation reports to go through on my desk; an important meeting in the afternoon; and yet another meeting at 5:30pm for our Rotarian District Assembly over the coming weekends.

On my way home from the Rotarian meeting, I was thinking of what to write about in my blog this evening. I thought it would be good to post a discussion on the "Silverfish" question in the recent TrialBlazers Hunt. But when I arrived home, and checked my emailbox, I found a link from a friend which would also make an interesting post. And so here I am, writing about quickies instead!

It is amazing that there're just so many things to write about when it comes to sex. For this particular post, it is about the duration of an intercourse. Apparently a research had been conducted, and it was found that most people believe that 7 to 13 minutes is the "desirable" amount of time to have sex; 3 to 7 minutes is "adequate"; and 10 to 30 minutes is "too long".

In another study, women who were armed with stopwatches found that the median time for sexual intercourse was 7.3 minutes.

To me, there is not much value in the above studies. I'm fairly certain that most people who've had sexual experience are well aware about that 7.3 minutes. Those are studies which have found the average duration of an intercourse, but the way I see it, they have not investigated what would have been the duration preferred by the couples, if they had a choice.

I'm not convinced that most people actually believe 7 to 13 minutes is the "desirable" amount of time to have sex. If that were indeed the case, then drugs like the Viagra wouldn't have been a profit-making venture. I think it is likelier that most people—if they can help it—would like to have a longer session than the 7.3 minutes—much longer then that. The Viagra which is meant for men with "problems", is also widely used by people without any "problems" at all. I think someone mentioned to me before that Viagra is not an "entertainment" drug. But if it's not an "entertainment" drug, then what is it?

Maybe it's just me, but I find it very hard to believe that most people consider 10 to 30 minutes for sexual intercourse is "too long". I think a more accurate way to express it is like this:

10 to 30 minutes is not so easy to achieve, but not necessarily too long if achievable.


Anonymous said...

it doesn't include fore and post, so about right.

Anonymous said...

bro, a woman friend who is right here beside me now, having her mid-morning puff (and killing me with her 2nd hand smoke) says "anything more than 7" when I ask here "how Long is Too Long"

Cornelius said...


Perhaps you have a point there regarding the "fore and post". But let me tell you what a lady friend of mine said about the so-called "fore and post". She said her man hardly ever spent enough time for foreplay. And then when it's over, there's no such thing as "post"—her man would normally be in a complete shut-down mode. To quote her words "he'd be as good as drop dead immediately after!... within minutes, he'd be snoring away!"

Cornelius said...


I'm convinced that your friend is one of the rare ones. I have actually spoken to quite a number of close lady friends about this very subject, and they almost universally wished that they could have a longer session than just a "few minutes". They were mostly complaining that the act almost always end far too early before they're even close to reaching orgasm! And this may be surprising, but some of them even said that that's partly the reason why they've lost interest in sex... because they always end up disappointed!

Why keep doing it then? Well, some of them said they're still doing it because they consider it an obligation to their men. How pathetic, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Corny...Delurk's friend mean 7" and not 7min

Cornelius said...

That's a very good one, Teo! I almost fainted because of laughter!

OK, if not 7 minutes, so what—7 hours!?... HAHAHA! You'd need the strongest dose of Viagra for that mission. In fact you can make a movie out of it: Mission Impossible 4.

BTW, Teo, you haven't answered my question about the IEM Hunt. So can my team join in for the fun? We will pay for makan, but we're automatically disqualified for the prizes. I can't see how that can be a problem?

CK said...

yalor conry, u slow lah tis time. haha....

IEM got hunt ah teo? when?

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's wat I heard from Leslie, my loyal hunt teammate. He is the IEM Graduate President so everything might be possible if he can just give it a push. CK would also be involve as CoC if the hunt is on. Wil let u know if it is on but dont expect it wil b as good as your hunt ..... it may even be BETTER haha......

Anonymous said...

hey not 7 hours la Corny...7" means 7 inches long

Cornelius said...

Oh my lord!... 7 inches! MUAHAHAHAHA!

We're talking at different wave lengths, Teo! I am talking about TIME; whereas you are talking about LENGTH!

7 inches! Woohoo! Now that is long!

That reminds me of all the spams I've been receiving on a daily basis—something about some devices that can help to increase the size of my penis! I don't know how the hell they got my email address anyway. If any of those email senders reading this now, once and for all, I am very happy with my present size, thank you!