Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bakat Interact 2008

The Bakat Interact 2008 was held yesterday afternoon. Six schools, namely S. M. All Saints, St Francis Convent, Lok Yuk, KK Highschool, Maktab Sabah and Kian Kok participated. This was the first time I attended the Bakat Interact. It was not like anything I had expected.

I was quite surprised to note a turnout of about 1,000 students and teachers. I was told that this was the biggest turnout for the Bakat Interact so far. It's been years ago when I actually spent several hours watching live entertainments like that. I had a lot of fun, although I'm sure I could've had even more fun had I been able to understand what those kids were yelling about on stage.

In one performance, some boys played the electric guitars, and the loud noises—remotely far from what I'd call music—were unbearably punishing to my ears. And each time the boys made those jerky movements, the girls went wild. They shouted so loud, I felt like the whole ceiling was about to cave in. Now I know why I've turned down an offer from a close friend to watch Michael Jackson live some years ago.

There were some songs too—I mean if you can call them songs; and plenty of dances. And when I say dances, I don't mean the kind of dances from my era. No—these were neither the disco dancing nor the kind we see in Shall We Dance. These days, the word "dancing" refers to those terrifying acrobatic jerky movements and spinning on their heads.

A rotarian friend of mine, Geroge, who was also present during the show, said he could also spin like that. I can believe him, because I happen to know that he works out at the gym on a regular basis. But since I see no huge muscles on his hands and legs, I presume that he'd probably spin himself on some other organs. After all, I once read about a Shaolin monk who could lift 27 kg worth of bricks using his penis. Now why would a monk train his penis to that extent anyway? But that's a different story.

Anyway, the St Franciscan girls had their share of "dancing" too. And let me tell you that some of them had big chests—almost similar to Lara Croft! So you can imagine how the boys cheered when the girls started to shake their bodies. Fortunately, all the wardrobes were in tip-top condition—none of them malfunctioned throughout the entire show.

In the end, as expected, the St Franciscans emerged champions and went home with RM500 cash and a trophy. What an afternoon!

Now I know I'll have to start brain-washing my JJ throughout the next 10 years or so, so that she will not like the kind of "entertainment" I saw yesterday. But I foresee an uphill task ahead...


Anonymous said...

don't be an over protective father. let children live in their time not their parent.

Cornelius said...

Am about to leave for the airport shortly, but still have time to log on to this blog. Addiction is a terrible thing!... hahaha

Oh let me tell you that I know about not being too protective, delurk. Trust me, I am trying very hard to fight the inclination!

OK, I'm really out of here!!... hahaha

CK said...

haha... i guess you are trying very hard. but it's hard not to be overprotecting at this time and age...

BTW, u flying where? vacation? i am desperately needing one.

Cornelius said...

Nah... CK, was in KL for a 2-day business trip. Yeah, I need a vacation too, but doubt that I'll be getting any anytime soon. But on the other hand, I'm trying to got for some hunts this April & May. I guess in a way those are vacations too.

CK said...

hunts in KL? hey, WHEN??? I will be in kl in may. any recommendation?

Cornelius said...


I've secured a ride with some grandmasters in the Hospis and Mensa Hunts in a couple of weeks from now. The Hospis starts from KL and ends in Penang. Then the next day we'll continue with the Mensa in Penang. Thereafter, I'm flying home the following Monday direct to KK. Crazy, huh?

Next month, I'm doing the Kiwanis. I'm attracted to all these hunts because I've been told that they're tough ones. I'll probably end up with hardly any solutions, but I bet it will be a very worthwhile learning experience.

Right now I'm still waiting for the confirmation from some friends for the Kiwanis. Closing is very soon. If I can't tumpang them, I'll advertise myself to tumpang any other team I guess... hehehe... getting very desperate for the experience!

CK said...

me too!!! i wanna advertise too! i will be in kl in may. any hunt on 24 or 25?

Cornelius said...


The Kiwanis Hunt will be on 24-26 May based on the information from the Kiwanis website. I've heard of a lot of scary stories about this hunt. Sounds like a killer hunt! I'm sure it's worthwhile to consider seriously to join this hunt.

I've just managed to secure a ride with some friends for this hunt. I know I'm gonna learn a lot of stuff!

You assemble a team from Sabah lah. I tried asking some people, but they're not keen. So I tumpang some KL hunters lor!

Sam said...

Hi, found your blog by accident! Good post on Bakat Interact =) Just curious, who organizes this event?
It used to be the Rotaract you know any contact details?

Thanks very much.

Cornelius said...


This particular Bakat Interact is organized annually by the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu, usually during the first half of the year. Right now we have 5 Interact Clubs from 5 schools under our umbrella.

As the New Generation Director (NGD) for this term (2008-2009), I will be handling the Bakat Interact and the IU Bazaar. The latter is usually held around mid year.

You are not clear on which contacts you're looking for, but if you want the contact for the Immediate Past NGD, I can direct you to Rotarian Jack Ong. However, I will need to know your real identity please. You can write to me at: Thanks.