Monday, March 10, 2008

Termination Of Employment

I had quite a shock at the office this morning. I received a plain brown envelope addressed to "The Director", followed by my company's name, and finally "Attention: Mr Cornelius Koh". The envelope was not sealed. I opened it and the first thing I saw was the heading of the letter: "TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT". It brought a lump to my throat.

For a moment, I thought it's time for me to pack my stuff and start looking for a job elsewhere. Then I continued reading the letter. It turned out that it was from a clerk in our Keningau office. She meant to give us notice for her resignation, but instead used "TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT" for the heading of the letter.

Reminds me of my good friend who recently lost his job. He has many years of experience in civil works, particularly in road building—especially those involving the collection of road tolls. Quite a determined chap, I tell you; not even an army could stop him from performing his duties. But in the end he was kicked out anyway. I am sure many construction companies are vying for his service at this very moment. To those companies which will end up losing the bid to employ my friend, I am so sorry for you all. It will probably take a very long time before another golden opportunity such as this will become available again.


Anonymous said...

since he is so experienced with road building, maybe he can come to sabah and help speed things up a bit (hint: KK flyover etc)?

p.s. please convey my bestest wishes to your friend who just celebrated his 72nd bday as well...i couldnt make it to his bday bash. was glued to the tv that night! cheers!

Cornelius said...

Ah! What an idea! Yes, it is possible that my friend can help with the road-building in Sabah. But one must not forget that Sabah is a different kind of pond; and we have a different kind of the piranha species here.

At any rate, my friend will be busy for the next couple of weeks. His time will be occupied, picking up the pieces and clearing up the mess after that horrible tsunami.

Then of course there will be the so-called "post mortem" soon. I hope no one will transform into the Incredible Hulk during the post mortem.

CK said...

haha... ur fren missed his birthday bash, telling his supporters that he went home to shower but never came back.

he won't stop unless he got the title Tun to save his own sorry ass.