Friday, March 28, 2008

Still Alive

Calm down, folks, it's only been a few days without any post from me; I am still very much alive.

Oh what a week this has been. Mia is away again to KL for this whole week. Then a mountain of files on my desk in the office. Not to mention the ISM seminar I had to attend to collect my CPD hours. By the way, seminars are really fattening, aren't they? First, there's "coffee" in the morning. Then there's the "coffee break" around mid-morning. That is followed by lunch. Then another "coffee break" around mid-afternoon. Those "coffee breaks" usually mean more than just a cup of coffee; there're some snacks—spring rolls, cakes etc.

In the evenings, of course I've been playing the role of a mommy to JJ. And I didn't get very sound sleeps over the last few nights because JJ kept moving around under my armpit. I still have to think of a bed-time story for JJ for tonight before the real story-teller comes home tomorrow afternoon.

I'm amused by some of the emails and text messages I've received from some of the regular visitors to this blog. Hang in there, folks, this blog is not dying off so soon!

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