Thursday, March 13, 2008

Around The World In Search Of Pantat Melayu!

At the end of January, I posted an article entitled "Sakit Pantat!". In it I told the story of how I was laughed at when I innocently uttered the word "pantat" in school.

Just to share with my readers that I have some sort of invisible tracking software for this blog. Quite a beautiful tracking system—it can trace the paths of the readers, i.e. which country (even states), and the respective referring links.

I write about all sorts of stuff in this blog, so it's not surprising that people from all walks of life visit this blog for their reading pleasures. From the tracking software that I mentioned above, I've been able to trace the referring links to a certain extent. Many of those referring links are search engines, e.g. Google or Yahoo searches. So, for example, I can see that many people who've searched for the word "treasure hunt" have found their way to this blog, because I've written quite a bit about treasure hunts.

But I'm amazed to note that almost every day, without fail, people would search for the word "pantat", and found their way to this blog because of the article I posted in January. And they didn't just search for "pantat", but more specifically, "pantat melayu"! Furthermore, those who did the search originated from all over the world—even from as far as Russia!

I have a feeling that they must have been disappointed when they found my blog, because I didn't insert any pictures in this particular article. I am dying of curiosity—I wonder what was it, specifically, that they wanted to know about "pantat melayu". Some weird people!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ckoh

I just thought of an explanation for the search of pantat melaya from someone in Russia. There is quite a number of Malaysian students studying medicine in Russia. Maybe all these searches are for their studying and research purposes. LOL..!!!

Cornelius said...

Ah! But what an explanation, that! All the way to Russia to learn about pantat... yeah right!

God help me, if ever I fall sick, please don't let those Russian doctors touch me!... hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cornelius,
I know it sounds unbelievable. I was bored this monday morning. I was playing around with Google language tools, first with a phrase I thought was Spanish, then it turned out to be Italian. Then I started mucking around with Indonesian to English (and vice versa), then lo and behold, pantat came up. Yes, and that's how I came across your blog. Strange, yes, disappointed, no. Would I do it again? A hundred times YES!

Cornelius said...

Dear Anynomous friend,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Interesting to know how you found my blog, but, no, it is not unbelievable to me - not after I've seen so many people arriving here almost on a daily basis because of that word "pantat"!

And I'm glad that you're not disappointed with what you found here. It's unclear, however, what was it that you would do again 100 times. I hope you meant you'd come visiting again 100 times, and not continue your search for "pantat melayu"!... HAHAHA!