Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Curse Of The Offensive Sense Of Humour

I have known people who get their kicks by telling jokes about gays, or priests and nuns, and about the Arabs. Some of these jokes are entertaining. But not everyone may find them very funny. Instead, they may be offended by them.

I'm not a particularly gifted teller of gay jokes, religious nor Arab jokes, but I'm cursed with a dry sense of humour which is unfortunately not everyone's cup of tea. My jokes are "dry" in that some of them require a bit of figuring out, and some people may not find the connections and therefore miss the jokes altogether! 

For example, there was once when a woman asked me about a running event in West Malaysia, and I told her not to fall asleep during the race. She interpreted that as a boring event. But actually there is a deeper meaning to my comment. You see, her surname was Hare, and it wasn't till I reminded her about the race between  the hare and the tortoise that she actually got the joke.

Sometimes, I just wonder where I get the ideas for my jokes—they just somehow come to me from nowhere. At times, I may have been influenced by other stories I've heard. But I share my jokes without malice; they are never intended to offend the listener. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the parties reading or listening to my jokes won't get offended!

I have of course written plenty of articles in this blog which inherently contain a fair dose of my dry sense of humour. I'm not really trying very hard to be funny—I just put my fingers to the keyboard and let the stories flow, and at the end of it, I'd find that I have somehow included some sense of humour in them. As I said, I'm cursed with this style!

While I have received a lot of compliments for my style—which is apparently the main reason why some of these people have become my loyal readers—there are others who have criticized my sense of humour. For example I have been criticized for the articles entitled Piercer (18SX), and  Survival Instinct & Mattresses, to name a few.

I guess there is nothing much I can do, because obviously it is just impossible to please everyone, unless if I want to shut down this blog or say something which is totally not me; and at the end of it all, I still don't think I can please everybody!

I have lost count on how many friend requests on facebook that I have ignored or rejected up to now, not because I'm not keen to have more friends. Rather, I'm always conscious that I may end up offending some people with my comments. The exception is of course if I think I know that person well enough; or he knows me well enough. But this is not a foolproof approach.

This morning, I was reminded once again that my sense of humour had offended a friend, and I was told to be more "sensitive" with my comments. I'm not sure if I'm able to control my sense of humour; neither am I sure that I would want to be someone that I am not, for the sake of pleasing others. I have since unfriended that friend from my facebook list, but that is not because he is no longer my friend; rather, it is my attempt to spare him from my offensive comments.

As I said, I am cursed with this sense of humour, and it's almost impossible for me to control it. Read my blog at your own peril.

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