Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thomas Cup 2014—Almost, But Not Quite

It was an intense competition. At the beginning we were leading when Datuk Lee Chong Wei delivered the first point.

Then Japan levelled off. Then we saw our hopes gradually fading when we lost the second singles and were trailing in the second doubles too. Somehow, in something nothing short of a miracle, we came back from the brink of defeat—our second doubles pair managed to keep the hope alive.

Then the final game; the third singles. A roller coaster match that caused too many nails bitten off; and severe injuries to the buttocks as Malaysians were all sitting at the very edge of their seats. But in the end, the Japanese brought home the Thomas Cup.

Congratulations to the Japanese for a hard-fought victory. And congratulations to the Malaysian team too for demonstrating amazing valour. I haven't been watching badminton for such a long time, but tonight, even though we lost, it was a very exciting fight. I enjoyed myself!

It's been 22 years since the last time we won the Thomas Cup, and the wait continues. Hopefully we will win it the next time!

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