Saturday, August 24, 2013

Surviving Heart Attacks (The Story Continues)

On a peaceful evening a few weeks ago, while I was surfing the net at home, Mia dropped a bombshell—she said that she's bringing our 11-year-old daughter, JJ, to shop for bras. I almost fell off my chair; I didn't even realise that JJ had breasts. I mean, I've been waiting for over 20 years for mommy to grow a pair of breasts, and now JJ beat her to it? When did it happen, for heaven's sake!

I'm not sure how much longer my heart can take all these shocks. The last time I survived a heart attack was almost a year ago as reported here. Now if I'm not careful, my heart is bound to fail one of these days, and then that's it—this world would suffer that loss of a mischievous chap!

Yesterday morning, I went for my annual stress test at BP Lab. Because of the kind of sports I indulge in, I make it a habit to check my heart for signs of troubles, if any, but thankfully I always get a clean bill of health from the doctor so far.

But this morning, while I was busy playing online sudoku and Candy Crush Saga, Mia did her thing with updating me about JJ again. The way she stood at the doorway, I knew it was gonna be another heart attack report. I braced up for the news; I thought if I prepared myself for it, it wouldn't be such a big blow; whatever it is.

"JJ received a note from her classmate," she started. And I could already feel my heart racing. "I love you, Jamie...," she read it out to me. I almost collapsed to the ground in an epileptic fit, but I somehow managed to fight it off. I thought that was all that's written in the note. After picking up my jaw from the ground, Mia finished reading with: " you accept?"

For a moment, I wasn't sure if those last few words were actually a question directed to me. But after a split second, I realised that it was a question for JJ. Mia left the report hanging just like that, but I wasn't gonna ask what was JJ's answer to that question. I think I would have fainted with whatever answer she'd given.

I suspect it must have been the modern day diet that's causing some sort of hormonal imbalance in boys these days, thus resulting in the small head developing much faster than the big head. It gives me the creeps, but I'm willing to revise my plan a bit—I think I will allow JJ to start dating when she's 30, instead of 35. In any case, I will try to make sure the guy is not from Terengganu.

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