Sunday, August 18, 2013

Activity Report

Yesterday morning, Mia went to Tun Fuad Park at about 6am for her final long run prior to the Borneo International Marathon (BIM), but she gave up after wasting a long time trying to get a parking space. The  BIM is of course on next Sunday, having been postponed from the first weekend of May. It's a strange reality, but many people had just realised that the race is next week, and then suddenly were inspired to run this week in the hope of achieving a major breakthrough during the race.

Yesterday evening, Judy texted me to post a run for this morning on KKRC facebook page. But I told her there's no need, as I was sure that many people will run anyway. As I had expected, there was a big crowd of runners this morning for the so-called final long run prior to the race. I ran with Lim starting at about 5am since we're running 21km. Most of the rest ran short distances. My legs were still very tired from yesterday's cycling, but after a while, it felt not too bad. We decided not to do the UMS loop today, opting to turn at Orange at Sulaman instead.

On our return leg, just as we were approaching 1Borneo, we saw Sarah on the other side of the road. We overtook a few other runners within the last few kilometres of the run. It was a surprisingly hot morning. When we finally finished the run, there were many familiar faces at the car park.

Of course everyone was all out to outdo each other with their bombastic stretching routines. John was there again with his favourite stretch.

But let me say to my readers that this stunt is not for the faint-hearted; please don't to try this at home.

Then, Jiki, not to be outdone by John, did her favourite "lipat kaki" stretching thing, assisted by her sister, Marilyn, as usual.

But that's not the only routine; she did other styles too!

Marilyn would normally stretch after her runs too, but I don't like her routines very much. I mean, they're all very common stuff, you see. Besides, there's no clear shots of her. It doesn't really matter, of course, as their parents were really good at what they did, so these sisters obviously look like they came from the same oven. But I searched the net anyway in my hope to let my readers have a better idea what Marilyn looks like in person, and the best that I've found is this one, which I reckon what she'd look like while taking a bath.

I was just chit-chatting with the other runners, when I suddenly realised that Jiki was walking around with an intimidating plastic knife. I thought she wanted to expand on her idea of that murderous stretching routine of hers by stabbing somebody with that knife. It was quite a frightful experience seeing her like that. Little did I know, actually they had a surprise birthday party for Alice. Just as Alice arrived, everyone started singing Happy Birthday, and John was the most enthusiastic singer of 'em all. They had a cake ready too! And then they continued a second time with the Happy Birthday song for Peter whose birthday also falls on the same day.

These are the happy faces who're now 18 years plus, obviously still very young. Just don't ask about that plus. For a moment, everyone seemed to forget about the morning run and BIM. The birthday party was the main focus. 

I don't know if they will expand the idea for future birthdays to include life band or some sort of fancy stretching demonstrations by our very own special guest stars John and Jiki. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it!

Well, folks, the countdown has begun; one week to the Borneo International Marathon. Here's to breaking new records and new frontiers!

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