Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Train-Tanker Collision in Kapayan, KK

When the train service resumed recently, I thought it's just a matter of time before a serious accident would happen. The railway should construct proper fencing and gates, as there were many junctions and crossings along that road.

True enough, yesterday evening, just before sunset, the train hit a fuel tanker, causing a big explosion. Apparently 12 people were reportedly (seriously) injured. I'm not sure how it happened exactly; but searching through the net for possible answers, I stumbled upon this video clip from youtube.

As you will notice, there is no valuable information to be had from the conversation that took place, but for whatever it's worth, I've taken note of the dialogue anyway. See what you make of it...

First woman: My goodness, besarnya...shit!

Second woman: Apa dia t'bakar tu?

First woman: Train 'yo, Oh! my God!... SHIT!!... it's a train; I don't know! *panting*...NO!...

*Crying; panting; confusing conversation*

First woman: Oh! my God!... Oh! my SHIT!!!...[insert Omaticaya's language here]

*More crying...*

First woman: NO!—Oh! my God! *yet more crying*...SHIT!!!

Second woman: Orang di dalam mati?

First woman: I don't know!...

Well, I did say that there's no valuable information to be had, didn't I?

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