Friday, November 4, 2011

100km Ultra Trail Marathon—Pre-Race

Well, folks, most of you will remember that I have signed up for the 100km ultra trail marathon, dubbed The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT). The event flags off tomorrow morning starting from one of the villages off Kota Belud, which is about an hour's bus ride from Kota Kinabalu.

Based on the race briefing last night at the Hotel Megah D'Aru, the route will involve a good dose of gravel roads, several river crossings (two will be on foot wading through waist-deep water); village trails, a bit of leech infested jungles high on the hills, trekking in the dark at temperature hovering around 15 degrees C. The organiser mentioned beautiful views of Mount Kinabalu.

In about 12 hours from now, I would be in a bus on my way to the starting line. I'll report on the trip when I return probably on Sunday evening. Wish me luck!

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