Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scary Effect Of Old Age

"If they can make Avatar, they can make anything"

Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, in explaining why he believes that 9/11 was staged [The Star].

The scary thing is that when Tun was still the Prime Minister of Malaysia some years ago, many, many people listened—and believed—everything he said.

And the even scarier thing is that there are still many, many people listening—and believing—everything he's saying now.


Tekko said...

I like the guy but this time I think he really gone off bonkers! I doubt the Americans, even with all their depraved mind and crazy ideas, would stoop so low and be so crazy to pull a stunt like that.

Cornelius said...

No one can deny that the brain, as are the other organs in the human body, can decline in its performance when it has lived its lifespan.

Sometimes, one may suffer from memory lapses; sometimes senility; and of course sometimes weird imaginations which may be aggravated by movies like Avatar. Hence the title of this post: Scary Effect of Old Age.

The magnificent leap of imagination expected of us here is that the Americans would conspire on a grand scale to destroy a few of their jumbo jets by flying them into a very famous landmark of theirs - one that they're proud of - thus bringing down the twin towers, killing some 3,000 innocent people in the process, for the sake of an excuse to start a war.

A bit of fact, however, which is damaging to the above claim by the good Tun. The perpetrator, i.e. Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attacks. In fact, Al-Qaeda had said that the result was beyond its expectation! So we are made to wonder how the Americans managed to get the Al-Qaeda to conspire with them to stage this charade.

It's interesting to know more about the "evidence" the Tun was referring to, and where he got it.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Haha! The 9/11 truthers! I see the good Tun is part of their conspiracy theories..

There is a group in America called the 9/11 Truthers, who basically have the conspiracy theory that George Bush set up the whole thing in order to invade Iraq. They have even created documentaries about how the twin towers did not collapse from the planes hitting them, but by explosives that were set off at the bases of the towers.

anyways, my old professor from one of my classes in college was a 9/11 truther, and he was almost fired because of it! Of course he did not preach his theories in class, but there were journalists sitting in on all of our classes just in case he might! LOL.. We had about a week where we talked about conspiracy theories, and how it is natural and healthy within a society and freedom of expression, but I'll never forget that professor.. He was even on CNN! :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

P.S. I have to admit I am in the group that really likes the old prime minister. I just finished reading a book about him written by an Australian journalist who lives in Malaysia and interviewed him.

I loved how he was able to express the way Malays are discriminated against and how the British left Malaysia in an economic hierarchy, with Malays at the bottom, and how this history is still a part of the society today..

I also like how he told Malays to take responsibility for themselves and not blame anyone but themselves, and to work hard etc..

Very interesting guy. I love his daughter also.

Cornelius said...


The Star Online is conducting a poll to find out how many of its readers agree with Tun, i.e. that 9/11 was "staged". A whopping 23% agrees with him. So you can see that we have quite a large number of imaginative Malaysians. No amount of "evidence" scientific or otherwise, can convince these people about 9/11.

Incidentally, a friend sent me a link about this issue this morning. Check it out here.

Tekko said...

Surprisingly, a Chinese colleague of mine was one of those who think the Dr M's theory is possible. He cited as example how in the past the Americans tested their germ and chemical warfare in villages killing many innocents. So his opinion was that Dr M's wasn't being too far fetched when he suggested that the Americans would stage and kill their own people to achieve their goal.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Dr M must have watched the "24" series too! A lot of what he raised was "practised" in that series.

Quite good entertainment actually if you throw logic out the window and accept it for face value.

Cornelius said...


"Surprisingly, a Chinese colleague of mine was one of those who think the Dr M's theory is possible..."

Well, I suppose everything is possible, if you come to think of it. I once had a long debate with someone who's absolutely convinced that the Americans did not actually land on the moon. Looking back now, I don't even know why I bothered to waste my breath debating with him about the subject. But anyway, he believed that all those video footage and photos etc were cleverly conjured up special effects by the Americans. Of course they had no Avatar back then. But the Americans are thought to have the knowledge and technology to fool the whole world, much the same way they're fooling the whole world now with this 9/11 thing, you see.

So, yes, it is possible that 9/11 was staged. But on the balance of probabilities I see it as very far-fetched. Tun's thought-process is in the order of "the buildings collapsed without leaning to the sides; so it must have been done with bombs,"; "he hasn't seen pictures of the other planes (which were also reportedly hijacked but crashed elsewhere), so those must have been made up stories," etc. His beliefs are based on assumptions, you see. He wants so much to believe the Americans are evil people, so they must have done this evil deed.

But we don't know if Tun (or any of his believers) had seen any of the scientific evidence which would prove them wrong. We don't know how Tun would explain the fact that Osama bin Laden actually claimed responsibility for the attacks. I suspect maybe Tun would say Osama never existed even; he's just a made up character by the Americans.

I see 9/11 with an open mind and look at whatever facts I can, and then consider that, on the balance of probabilities, it is not likely that Mr Bush was, or ever been, an insane man.

Cornelius said...


"Quite good entertainment actually if you throw logic out the window and accept it for face value."

Sometimes, if we have so much hatred in our hearts, and if we want so much to believe evil deeds by others, logic is not high on our priorities to arrive at the conclusion. We will twist and turn whatever information we can get hold of to arrive at a preconceived conclusion. But of course if somewhere in between we can also throw in some logic in our reasoning, then that is even better.

If I have some sort of resentment against the Americans and their allies, who knows, maybe I would also try my best to blame them for everything bad that is happening in this world, I don't know.

Cornelius said...

A friend and I exchanged some text messages regarding this post. He's suggesting that I, too, am making assumptions about the Tun, and I readily admit it!

Of course there is no way I can say for sure what's going on in Tun's mind. I can only assume based on what I've seen all these years, and all the statements he has made whenever he's talking about the American leaders, or even America as a country.

He has written quite a lot of stuff in his blog, and some of them were about the Americans and their allies. Although I have not counted and compiled a statistic, I bet if anyone would care to make the compilation, he would find it very hard to find a single post in which the Tun had said anything good about the Americans, ever. He seems to have nothing good to say about the Americans. Quite on the contrary, he never runs out of bad things to say about them. So how else should I assume Tun's opinion about the Americans?