Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Announcement: Borneo International Marathon 2010

I was doing a 6km recovery run at the sport complex this evening when I bumped into Kevin Yuen, a fellow marathoner. He told me that he received an email from the organizer of the Borneo International Marathon (BIM), informing runners that the event for this year has been set for 2 May.

When I arrived home after the run, I rushed to my pc to check my email-box, and true enough, I, too, had an email from the organiser. So far, I have participated in 2 full marathons and several other shorter races, but I still would like to focus on achieving my personal best in the BIM. Last October, I managed a 04:40, so now I'm hoping to improve by at least 10 minutes to 04:30.

This announcement is still very fresh from the organiser; so much so that it has not even made the announcement in its own official website. However, I have checked with one of the Directors, Andrew Voon, and he confirmed the email shortly ago. Online registration will be opened beginning from 1 February!


Shan said...

Good luck to you and fellow marathoners Corny. I'll be around to cheer you guys on! :)

Cornelius said...

Thanks, Shan. I think I'm gonna need the luck! Serious training this time! Have lost about 4 lbs so far, but probably gonna gain them all back over CNY. Would like to go down to 145 lbs by marathon day. Also trying to adjust training to include at least 2 peak long runs of over 30km before marathon. All in the name of pursuing a 10-minute improvement! This better be good!... hehehe

Anonymous said...

u win?

Cornelius said...

Ummm... Anonymous friend, the BIM marathon record is not the best in this region, of course. But did you really think I would WIN with a time of over 4.5 hours? The only way I could win with that time is to be the only participant of the race!...HAHAHA!