Monday, January 11, 2010

JJ In Primary 2

This is the second week since JJ resumed school on the 4th. She is now in primary 2, and her classroom is located on the first floor, i.e. immediately above last year's classroom. Thankfully, mommy is the one who's been busy handling her registration, books and stationery, as well as her afternoon tuition sessions. Not to mention the many hours of helping JJ with her homework. And let me tell you that she has tonnes of homework! They absolutely consume her entire days and nights, and even weekends! The madness has begun!

So far JJ remains calm. In fact, I marvel at her calmness in spite of the daunting homework which is probably not meant to be completed anyway. But, you know, if there is a breaking point, I hope it won't come so soon. I'm just so glad that JJ is holding steady so far, and to be quite honest, I'm amazed at how mommy struggles with all those Chinese characters every day in her attempt to help JJ out with her homework. I really don't know how much longer mommy can help out, but I'm just so glad that I don't have to be the one to learn and then teach Mandarin to my kid!

As expected, JJ's schoolbag is bulkier and heavier this year. Maybe this weekend I should make it a point to go to her school to check out the structural stability of the buildings. I'm sure I'll be able to find cracks all over the floor because of all those weights from the schoolbags.

I'm happy to report that JJ wears a size 11 school shoes now. Which means my thought that she's not growing is wrong after all. So this is a good evidence that kids can still grow in spite of a diet rich in Kit Kats; and somewhat lacking of sleep due to too much Winnie The Pooh on the telly.

By the way, talking about school shoes, JJ received 2 pairs of new shoes from her school at the end of the last term last year. Apparently those shoes were donated by someone or some non-governmental bodies, which is cool. But of course it would have been even cool-er had JJ been able to fit those shoes. Although I'm not an expert on school shoes, I'd say those shoes are at least several sizes larger than JJ's feet. So I'm confident that she'll be able to put them on in about 3 to 5 years' time. Those people who distributed those shoes to the kids last year could've at least tried to give something closer to their respective sizes. But no, of course that's just too much to expect of them. Maybe they're thinking that school shoes are worn "free size" like most youngsters' T-shirts these days.

Ah! Mia has just informed me that she's figured out another Chinese character just shortly ago! Good for her! It only took her about an hour to achieve that. Maybe tomorrow she can spend a few more hours learning how to make sentences with that character. It's about 9:40pm now, and both JJ and mommy are already in bed. They're waking up at 5am tomorrow morning to do some studying before going to school. Well, this will only continue for about 12 to 15 years for JJ. As for mommy, I'm having lots of fun watching how long she can last (smile); the last time she studied like this was when she was pursuing her law degree many years ago.

Oh! one more final thing! Dad-in-law just called to remind Mia to fetch JJ as soon as possible after school because "there are too many romours going around." I'm beginning to lose count on how many churches have been subjected to arson and vandalism attacks by now. By the last count, I think someone mentioned 8 churches so far. Looks like we have quite a number of people with brains the size of peanuts in Malaysia. I'm sure Allah is very pleased with them for what they're doing.

Way to go, 1Malaysia!

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