Thursday, December 10, 2009

Storm Brewing

We arrived home from Singapore late morning on Monday. After lunch, we went home and had about 2 hours' sleep. It's quite amazing how much one can sleep after the marathon!

In the evening, Mia, JJ and I went to the airport to for the grand arrival of the Canadian. Her flight from Hong Kong was on time. She was tired from the 14-hour flight. Dennis and his family, and Bridget and Mona were also there to welcome her. Evelyn was still away on holidays, I believe to China; whereas Audrey will only come from Lahad Datu this Saturday.

From the airport, I brought them all for a glorious dinner at the Waterfront Port View Restaurant. I took a few days leave up to Wednesday. So mom put up in my place until yesterday (Wednesday), before moving to Bridget's apartment in Ganang. I think by Saturday, when Audrey and her clan arrives, mom will be moving to Dennis' apartment.

So far the weather is holding steady. But I can see the storm brewing on the horizon. I think that's because not all of us are around—yet. But as I said, Audrey and Evelyn will soon be around, and I'm sure there will be plenty to talk and gossip about. In the mean time, mom has been spending quite a lot of time in Bridget's apartment. On Tuesday evening, when I arrived there, mom, Bridget and Dennis and his kids were seated around the dining table. We spent the next hour or so bringing mom up to speed on current issues, if you know what I mean. I learned quite a lot of stuff about what's been happening within my family circle this lately. Amazing how much I've missed over the last couple of months.

Chaboh has recently got engaged. But she'll still pursue her Masters and then PhD. Am impressed to see her still studying after the age of 30.

Girlie will join her husband (after her wedding), I believe in Terengganu. Or is it Pahang?

Wiwin is still jobless and still waiting for the right opportunity to come. Although there is a vacancy as a cabin crew, that is of course not to his taste. But he has at least improved in that he has now learned to smoke. I understand that he smokes cigarettes worth about RM7 per pack. He can, of course, get the smuggled ones for less than half that price, but he's not used to smoking cheap cigarettes, you see. Maybe uncle Kong should have a word with Wiwin to find out more about this smoking habit of his.

Can you feel the storm brewing?

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