Saturday, December 5, 2009

Singapore Marathon—Final Hours

Well, this is it, folks! Finally I'm all set for the 42km tomorrow morning beginning from 5:30am. It was such a pleasant experience at the race pack collection centre this afternoon. We went there directly from the airport. It took me merely 2 minutes to get my race pack. Amazing efficiency!

I kinda like the bib with my name printed on it. After collecting our race packs, we spent some time going through the many booths next door to see the many health products on sale. I ended up buying a race belt which I plan to run with tomorrow. In it I can store up to 6 power gels. I tried it on and it didn't feel like it's gonna bounce too much. Actually, it's not such a good idea to try something new immediately prior to the actual event. But I'll take my chances with this belt.

Maybe it's just me, but I somehow feel that I'm not sufficiently prepared for tomorrow's run. I'm still targeting to run 0:04:30, but even if I can't do it, I hope I will at least improve by a couple of minutes over the 0:04:40 I did in the Borneo International Marathon in October.

Well, I'll try to sleep early tonight. I doubt that I can fall asleep very early though. Actually, if I can get 4 - 5 hours of solid sleep, I'd be really happy. Somehow, the excitement is not easy to contain, you see.

There will be more to tell tomorrow, I'm sure. Praying for the marathon god to give me the best running condition. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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