Tuesday, December 8, 2009

40 Winks On A Train

We were on the train in Singapore first thing in the morning on our way to the airport to catch the flight home after the marathon. Having nothing to do while in the train, I decided to play with my digital camera by testing some shots to kill the time. I was wondering if I could capture the buildings in the background on my camera. My former digital camera couldn't do that because of the brighter background, you see. I'm sure it was a matter of settings, but I'm not so good with that sort of thing.

Anyway, seated in front of me, in a "PRIORITY SEAT", was a man who was sleeping. I did not pay any attention to him when I took this photo. When I uploaded the photos from the Singapore trip onto my desktop at home, I started sorting them out one by one and noticed the sleeping man.

Earlier, we had to stand up because there were not enough seats. Mia refused to sit beside the sleeping man. Now I understand why.

Actually, there is nothing wrong sitting beside a man whose fly is undone, what?

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