Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Search For John Rambo

JJ turned 12 last July, and by this coming July she's becoming a teenager. As you can imagine, it's only natural that as she grows older, her behaviour and interests would also change. That transition period has begun, and I'm in most cases happy to allow nature to take its course. After all, it's not like I haven't been expecting those little changes. Because she's a girl, she's begun to spend increasingly longer times in the bathroom this lately. I'm not sure what difference the extra time for the grooming process would make on her appearance, but women just simply must spend a lot of time in the bathroom somehow, you see.

However, the thing that I did not expect of JJ was her interest in action movies. She's more or less outgrown Barbie and many of the animated movies, and more into grown-ups' movies these days. I thought she'd be more into love stories, but apparently I was wrong.

So anyway, she had a long holiday after the UPSR, and she spent a lot of time at home. Since she's interested in action movies, I thought it would be a good idea to buy some of the old but famous movies like Commando, or Die Hard series and of course Rambo stories. Accordingly, I brought her to the shop selling Blu-rays and DVDs in Centrepoint.

Now I find it very annoying when people don't know about their jobs. I would expect that a shoe seller should know the ins and outs about shoes so that he is able to provide information about shoes to his customers. Or a watch dealer should know a lot about watches. So likewise, I would expect the person in the business of selling movies to know a lot about movies, although of course I can't expect him to know everything about the movie industry.

As I was checking the shelves containing hundreds of DVDs, a young shop assistant, perhaps in his early twenties, approached me and asked if he could help. I told him that I was looking for the Rambo movies. He replied excitedly that I've come to the right place. He went off to another aisle and returned a short while later with this:

I said perhaps he heard me wrongly; and then repeated that I wanted the Rambo movies. He gave me that awkward look as if I didn't know what I was talking about, and then said this is Rambo. I said no, that's not Rambo! With a little snicker, he shook his head, as if talking to a hopeless customer. I became even more annoyed!

Thankfully, however, upon hearing the commotion, the shop owner emerged from behind the counter to investigate what's going on. I explained that I was looking for the Rambo movies, but was given the Expendables instead. The shop owner disappeared for and while and came back with the Rambo movies; and the young shop assistant was amazed—that was probably the first time he learned that that actor's name was not Rambo! But knowing the kind of creature I was dealing with, I'm guessing he probably still doesn't know what's that actor's name even up to now!

So anyway, JJ loved the movies, except that she didn't find the latest one, the fourth in the series very convincing. I can't blame her; I mean, seriously now, no matter how you look at it, a man in his mid sixties acting like people half his age is just too much to swallow. But wait till she hears the latest news—Stallone is gonna act as Rambo yet again, and this time he's gonna be about 70! There isn't much info about Rambo part 5: Last Blood, but I hope it's not about Rambo shooting at targets in an amusement centre.

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