Friday, January 16, 2015

Bras & Heart Attacks

It must have been about a year ago when I almost died of a heart attack; Mia told me that she was taking JJ to the mall to shop for bras! I almost fell off my chair. My JJ? Bras? When the hell did JJ grow breasts; how come I didn't know anything about it? I mean, I've been waiting for Mia to grow breasts for over 20 years, and now JJ is buying bras?

So anyway, JJ's been wearing bras since then, and just this week she's entered into Form 1. Now both Mia and I are active in sports, although we are nowhere near the elite level. We've been running a couple of marathons and ultra marathons; and in recent years we've also tried some triathlons. 

JJ, on the other hand, has always been active in TV marathons and only TV marathons. But recently she suddenly developed a strange interest in sports. Two weeks ago, she asked me if I could buy her a pair of running shoes. I was doubtful at first. If you're into running, you would know that a pair of high-end running shoes would cost anything north of RM350. I wasn't prepared to buy a pair for JJ for the sake of a flush-in-the-pan kind of interest which will just die off as quickly. So in the end I brought her to a Bata shop where she chose a pair of Power. It's much cheaper, but I still paid RM70.

Last Friday evening, I brought her to the Likas Sports Complex to run at the jogging track. She ran for about 1km and was almost out of breath. Then we walked a bit and then ran a bit until finally we covered a total distance of 2.8km. Not bad for a start. She had sore legs the day after. I thought that was the first and last time she would run. To my surprise, however, by Tuesday, she was asking me when will we get to run again. I couldn't find a suitable time, so I said it had to be Friday, i.e. this evening.

During lunch break today, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps it's a good idea to buy a pair of sports bra for JJ. But I wasn't sure about the size. So I texted her mommy. I waited for a long time for her reply, because she's just one of those annoying people who'd take eternity to reply a text message. 

But when she did reply, I was surprised by her instructions—it looked a lot like an order! She said buy 3 bras for JJ, size S. And while I'm at it, buy 5 pairs for her too, size M. It shouldn't be just any sports bra though; it must be adidas! Other brands somehow just don't agree with her body!

Accordingly, I walked to GraceOne at Suria Mall, went straight to the sports bras section and started picking a few. Then I saw a running shirt which I thought would be good for JJ too. So I took that shirt. Now it's kinda awkward for a man to buy bras, especially that many, so I wasn't planning to spend a long time checking the seams and fashion etc. I merely grabbed some from the display racks.

Then came the part where I had to pay for those bras. Little did I know that those little running outfits cost over RM100 a piece. What the hell, it's not like they are made of gold, are they? A few pieces of bras plus a shirt, came up to a whopping RM1,080. I swear one of these days, I will really die of a heart attack because of bras. Come to think of it, why would Mia need running bras for anyway; even my breasts are bigger than hers, for crying out loud!

Well, this better be good, JJ better make sure that she runs regularly; otherwise I'm gonna whip her like a horse!

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