Monday, January 12, 2015

Playing God

Regular readers of this blog would know by now that I don't believe in religions. Religions can be quite confusing—there are several out there and each one has several versions too. And all of them claim that they're inspired by God—the true God, of course. Yet the ideologies can be substantially different from one another.

As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure if God exists at all; I have yet to see any concrete evidence that he does. Yet, you'd be surprised to know that if I have to choose between believing and disbelieving in his existence, I think I would choose to believe, in spite of having no scientific evidence.

I suppose it's entirely possible for atoms to react randomly with one another under a specific condition to form molecules which would then react further to form complex substances; and after several hundreds and thousands of chain reactions over a very long period, to form organic compounds. Maybe it's possible for that process to repeat itself many, many more times to form living organisms like what we have in the world today. Billions of years, mind you!

But I have a bit of problem to believe that all those can happen randomly even over billions of years. I'm inclined to believe that all those processes might have happened by design by someone or something; but as I said earlier, I have no material proof of it. I shall just keep an open mind and keep myself guessing until when and if concrete evidence surfaces to support either case.

However, if—I say IF—God really does exist; and if it's true that he is almighty and has all the power to do anything he wants; if he can indeed create the world, the universe, life as we know it; and if he can just as easily destroy all his creation in a heartbeat, what would he do with that power? If there is any truth at all that he flooded the entire world and wiped out almost the entire human population; and if it's true that he could turn the entire population of a city into stones, just imagine how easily he could end the world! Just a snap of the fingers, and a huge asteroid could hit earth with a trillion megatons' worth of nuclear explosion and everything would be gone in the blink of an eye. That would really suck, huh?

God, if he exists, is hard to understand sometimes. I can't imagine what I would do if I were God. Having such a power, it may be tempting to become trigger-happy sometimes simply because I'm answerable to no one! 

But the one thing that I'd probably NOT do is to expect others to kill for me. I don't need others to blow themselves up; or shoot those who disobey me, because I can do that myself much more quickly and effectively, thank you! And I don't even have to explain my actions too! I'm not answerable to anyone, remember!

But then again, what do I know? I'm not God.

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