Friday, September 10, 2010

Raya Race

Wishing all my Muslim friends SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN.

This afternoon, I'm flying to Singapore and will be meeting a friend there for a simple dinner. Then we'll go to a mall to check out some running apparels. Not too sure if I'm really into serious shopping though. But with any luck, I'll be coming home with a pair of running tights!

I'll probably just laze around in bed or watch some tv tomorrow, and if I'm really tired of the hotel room, perhaps will spend a bit of time window shopping in nearby malls. Hell, maybe catch a movie or two even! I hope to be able to sleep early tomorrow night so that I'll be fully prepared for Sunday's half marathon in the Singapore Bay Run. Would be a chaotic race, I think, considering that they'll be around 70,000 participants. Not too sure if I'll be able to achieve the sub-2Hrs, but there's no harm trying, right? Wish me luck!

Very quickly now—Tun Dr M, as reported in The Star today, "called on people of all racial and religious backgrounds not to discuss sensitive issues openly on the internet as it could result in conflict."

He added that "he was worried open discussions would invite emotionally-charged comments that hurt the feelings of other races..."

I must say that that sounds like a very good advice—in fact so good that Tun should heed it himself. I may be wrong, but maybe Tun has no mirror at home. Can somebody please send him one?

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CK said...

haha... i think better send him something in the form of big box hahahaha