Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I’ve been meaning to find out for myself about the so-called “compression” running tights. I’ve heard of mainly positive comments from fellow runners, and although I am not such a big fan of running tights, I reckoned that it’s probably time to invest in a pair.

Apparently, compression tights can help in delaying the onset of fatigue; speeding up muscle recovery; improving blood circulation etc. In fact, it sounded like an amazing invention for runners!

During a recent trip to Singapore, a friend brought me to this mall known as Velocity, which accommodated a wide range of sports merchandises. We checked out a couple of brands, but I eventually settled for the 2XU Compression tights. It wasn’t cheap, I’ll tell you that—I bought a pair for S$219.00 (RM500).

Before that, I had never seen the tights except those worn by runners. So I was fairly alarmed to find an extremely small piece of fabric in the box. In fact, it looked very much like a black-coloured pantyhose, save for the fact that it’s made of a thicker fabric. According to the shop assistant, it’s not necessary to put on any undies—the tights alone would be good enough. Hmm, the thought of my weenee running all over the place while I’m running races—it’s not amusing, that!

Well, I went back to my hotel room, and after a pleasant bath, decided to attempt the Herculean task of getting into that tiny thing. I think a part of the difficulty was because I was worried that I would tear the fabric, but actually it’s not so easily torn. After a few minutes, I finally managed to get both my feet through. Then the slow process of gradually pulling ‘em up my calves up to the knees. That, too, took a bit of time. The damn thing’s really tight. I repeated the same process beyond my thighs, and finally successfully got the final portion up to my waistline—phew!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that in spite of that word “compression”, my testicles were not crushed. So I’m now in the position to confirm that that word “compression” has nothing to do with the groin area!

In my excitement, I texted Dr Peter to report that I am now the proud owner of a pair of compression tights; and that my testicles are not crushed! Dr Peter replied kindly, giving his diagnosis that perhaps my testicles must have shrunken from all the running. He went on to say that that’s good news as I would have lesser weight to run with. He added, however, that it’s quite an irony that a man with small testicles is pursuing a big record! You can probably tell why Dr Peter is my very good friend—he gives very good encouragements to me, although he’s perhaps not quite right up there. But that’s a different story.

Although it was very tempting, I decided not to run in my new tights for the Singapore Bay Run the next morning. I wanted to try running in them during one of my long runs first. I didn’t think that I would feel any significant effect trying it during my short runs.

Well, my chance to try out my tights came last Sunday when I ran a moderate 27km between Likas sports complex-Indah Permai shops-Likas sports complex along the Sulaman highway. Unfortunately, Dr Peter, my usual running buddy, was not around as he’s away to the UK. So I had to run alone for the most part of the workout. The rest of the adiNation folks ran shorter distances that day.

When I reached Likas sports complex to finish my run, most of the adiNation friends have gone home, except for Mia, Judy, and then later joined by Dr Liaw who did a few extra laps at the running track. Although Judy did not comment anything about shrunken testicles, she did say that my legs looked like they’re smaller in the tights.

My verdict so far is that I still can’t feel any significant benefits running in the compression tights. No cramps, of course, but after all it was just a 27km run. As a general rule, the “wall” is around Km 30. So I suppose I will only know if the tights can really help when I run a 30km or more. But I’m afraid that’s not coming so soon—not till 10 October in the Newton 30km in Singapore. Beyond that, I will have a few more opportunities to experiment with the tights, as I will be doing at least 2 more long runs of 32km-35km prior to the Penang Bridge International Marathon on 21 November.

At any rate, I hope that the tights can help—at least a bit. Otherwise, I’m really gonna hate myself for spending RM500 to make my legs look smaller! Perhaps I should ask Judy again; did she mean small as in small small, or did she mean small as in sexy or attractive kind of small (smile)…


Anonymous said...

The real strength of the material would be known when you really spotted a girl running with a G string in front of you.

Johan Amilin said...

Yup, compression shorts are expensive. I used mine sparingly. Just beware of chafing...as to where, I leave it to you to find out..sort of a Treasure Hunt or should I say Jewel Hunt?

If you can't find the answer then your shorts are probably better than mine..

Cornelius said...

Unfortunately, Anonymous friend, I am a 45 yrs old - no longer as strong as when I was 25. So I think the fabric will hold. It will endure any amount of G-string! But that is not to say I won't be attracting people's attention!

Cornelius said...


You should know my character. Before trying my tights for that 27km run last Sunday, I actually asked around for tips from people who I know have had some experience running in tights. And so, with a bit of vaseline cream, I survived that long run without chafing... tada!!

But, Johan, you ought to know that I almost never do things alang-alang. So instead of buying compression shorts, I actually bought the long pair, right down to the ankles! I reckoned that I might as well delay the onset of cramps not only in my thighs, but also in my calves! But as I said, I can't tell the effectiveness of the tights right now. I need more experiments before I can do that.

Cornelius said...

Oh yes, Johan, how come there is no response from you on the Novice Hunt 2? Surely you're not retiring so soon? Come and join us lah. The more the merrier bah!

The Makan & Minum Monster said...

Hahahaha Corny you sure do know how to make me laugh! It's been a while since I've visited your blog. Good to know you've still got a healthy sense of humour!

Cornelius said...

Hehe... yeah, I still can't control my sense of humour, Shan! Perhaps I should consider earning a part time job as a comedian, huh? Haha!