Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Magical Charm

On a cold evening in early January 1943, God was at the final stages of creating a mosquito and a man. The former was meant to have a short life as a nuisance to the human race; whereas the latter was meant to have a long productive life with the hope of making the world a better place. Of course God also had his hands full with creating many, many other creatures too. But He somehow got a little confused in the process and mistakenly switched the soul meant for the man with that of the mosquito, thus resulting in the man born destined to be the nuisance!

Such is the fictional background of the story of the man named William, otherwise known here in this blog as the Playboy...

And now comes the true story of his life...

He had a rough childhood at the hands of his step-father, but when he reached adulthood, he wasted no time to unleash his full potential! Having dropped out of school after the Junior Cambridge, he got married for the first time at the age of 19. 

I can't imagine what the woman saw in him, but it soon became clear that he was not worth it. But women, as you know, can be hard to fathom when it comes to love; some of them are willing to sacrifice almost everything for love! Even if she realised very soon that this man was not worth the sacrifice, it wasn't until 12 years and 6 children later that she was finally able to free herself from him. It took that long to fight the love!

The man then took another wife—a younger woman who would be willing to sacrifice practically everything for him through thick and thin. He went on to father 2 more children with Number 2. Through the years, he brought her for a long roller coaster ride; sometimes exciting, sometimes depressing, sometimes beyond this world, but she would stick on for the sake of love!

However, that second fairytale did not last too. For the man with the soul of a mosquito wasn't done with his mission in life. Thus he took yet another wife—and this time the woman was 30 years younger than him—and then went on to have 4 more children.

The man hardly ever had a steady job in his life, and was hardly ever there for his children. Yet all the women in his life loved him dearly. Apparently God had bestowed upon him something in the order of a magical charm. Once  smitten by his charm, the women's lives were sealed forever.

71 years had elapsed since that evening in 1943; and the seemingly immortal man has aged and during a recent visit to the hospital, the doctors summed it up prettily—the Playboy is at the end stage of a failing heart. We weren't really surprised by the doctors' finding. Well, maybe just a little surprised that he's not going to live forever like Connor Macleod.

We made arrangements to bring the wife from out of town together with her children to the city to rendezvous with the Playboy for a few days. But just a few days of all paid-for trip. And at the end of that visit, when it was time to part ways again, it could be plainly seen from the eyes of Number 3, that she loved the Playboy dearly. Such a rotten deal loving someone you only get to meet for a few days in a year on stolen moments.

Three women, generations apart, whom had all fallen victims to the magical charm that is impossible to explain. It's just one of those mysteries of the world. Too many people crave and search for love their whole lives, and some are destined to never find it. This man found one too many, but has failed to cherish those precious gifts. Maybe that's because he's only meant to live an insignificant life as a mosquito, causing so much pain and troubles to others without even realising it.

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