Saturday, June 25, 2011

Standard Chartered KL International Marathon—Final Countdown

Well, this is it, tomorrow will be the Standard Chartered KL International Marathon starting and finishing at Padang Merdeka. However, because of a bit of lingering injury on my left foot, I'm only running the half marathon (21km). Actually, I did not plan to do the KL Marathon this year to allow my foot to heal. But then I realised that a fair number of my friends are running. So in the end I decided to compromise by running the half marathon.

My best official time for a half marathon so far is a little over 1:58 in the Bareno Run in March. So tomorrow I'm trying to achieve a 1:57 for a personal best (PB). Since it's just a half marathon, I'm running in my adizero Boston, thus risking aggravating my foot injury.

Well, butterflies in the stomach; thinking of all the things that can go wrong. More report after the race tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed...

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