Sunday, March 6, 2011

Window Dressing

"It took me some time because I did not want to convert simply for the sake of marriage alone."

Daphne Eleanor Iking, on embracing Islam on the same day she married businessman Azmi Abdul Rahman. [The Malay Mail]

I think Daphne is of politician material. When commenting about her recent conversion to Islam, she was careful to include that important word, "alone". The whole sentence is somewhat comical, to say the least. It begs the question: What, then, was the main reason for that conversion?

A number of my siblings have embraced Islam; and the main reason they did it was because they wanted to get married. They may not admit it, of course, but just like Iking, they converted just about the time when they were getting married to their respective Muslim spouses. Thankfully, however, none of my siblings were practising Catholics before they converted. And as far as I'm concerned, it made no significant difference whether they're Christians or Muslims.

Iking, however, is slightly different. I had visited her blog in the past, and I found it interesting that she used to have verses quoted from the Holy Bible. She also posted some articles in which she expressed her faith in God who would help her through her difficult times. I haven't been to her blog for a while now, so I don't know if there are changes there since her conversion to Islam.

Perhaps it is possible that Iking had no intention to lie to her fans. But because so many people are looking up to her as a role model, maybe she felt obliged not to disappoint them. After all, items put on display at the shops as window dressing are supposed to be beautiful and perfect—things that would seduce the shoppers to buy.

I'm convinced that that comment by Iking above was not just something that happened at the spur of the moment; it probably was a well-thought out comment which was not exactly a lie to her fans. I'm sure there were many other minor reasons why she converted.

The truth is that very, very few people would admit that they converted because they wanted to get married. Well, at least not openly. It takes a very brave person to be truthful in that sense.


Anonymous said...

I think it is religious politics. Nobody wants to be labeled a fake, and saying one converted to get married is a huge no no to Muslims. It is probably the last thing many converts would ever admit, because they are automatically discredited.

I say so what?! Why not tell it like it is? But women have their reasons, and the politics of Islam and "purity" has a lot to do with it.

I guess it is a horrible thing if one admits converting for love. I beg to differ.

I got mass amounts of support when I told my followers I converted to get married, and even was able to get some others to admit that is what they did also. The truth is liberating.

Ironically, it is when I announced I am no longer a practicing Muslim, that I received the most hate mail. I was told I am "less than an ex-Muslim." I guess non practicing Muslims have a bad rep.. LOL, go figure.

Cornelius said...


Thanks for sharing. I find it interesting that you actually received hate mails because you're no longer a practising Muslim. It's rather strange that there is no compulsion in religion according to the Quran (Surat Al-Baqarah 2:256), but Muslims would judge you negatively and send hate mails?

Iking is an interesting case because she's a role model to many people. But you probably know that I'm not one of her fans. Incidentally, her ex-husband who took her ex-lover to court, finally dropped the charge when the ex-lover apologized. He said all he wanted was just an apology. [The Star]

In the course of the trial, it was found that the ex-husband was not the biological father of Iking's child. Now apparently, it's not the ex-lover's child too. I'm sure Iking's fans must be dying to know who's the father then?

Socrates29 said...

I think literally it means she practices free sex since neither men associated with her are the true biological father of her child.

Again it could be the result of a one night stand! Anything is possible.

Cornelius said...

Hehehe... I wouldn't go that far, Socrates29. Apparently the ex-husband cheated on her too! Hard to speculate what really happened within the 4 walls of their bedroom, huh? I dare say both parties had suffered a lot of pain. But my heart goes out to the child. Hopefully, Iking's marriage will last this time.