Monday, February 28, 2011

KK City Hunt 2011

The first time I saw the entry form for the KK City Hunt 2011 a few weeks ago, something caught my eyes immediately. The prize list shouted a cold hard cash of RM8,000, amongst other prizes, for the champion; RM5,000 and RM3,000 for second and third place winners respectively. And I immediately foresaw platoons of West Malaysian teams coming to our city for an early harvest of 2011.

With the cheap airfares these days, all it took for a West Malaysian team to make money was to be within the top 3 finishers. I was, of course, aware of 2 West Malaysian teams which would be around, rain or shine, whether or not the prizes were lucrative. But this time it's different—with the kind of cash prizes at stake, I wasn't surprised to see more than 10 West Malaysian teams at the flag off yesterday morning. Amongst them were familiar faces in the KL hunting scene, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a friend and mentor, grandmaster hunter, from Penang.

Apart from the presence of many West Malaysian hunters, there were a few other things different about this year's hunt. The number of participating teams have grown to 145; time control was only 6:30, and the format of the hunt was a bit different. For some strange reasons only known to the organiser, teams were made to drive all over KK city, repeating the same routes several times for numerous tasks, including collecting 8 stamps for hunt passports, motorised and walk hunts, and repeated visits to the DBKK main office. The format was at least weird on grounds of the amount of fuel we had to burn since the theme of the hunt was "1Malaysia Clean & Green".

As soon as we were flagged off, we worked on the treasure questions. And I was relieved to see that they were quite easy this year. We more or less solved all of the clues, except for T2, which was obviously set in favour of the hunters from the West. But otherwise, we were happy. Happy, that is, for having solved them, but of course not for the inaccuracy of the clues.

The mere collection of 8 stamps for the hunt passport alone took us almost an hour to complete. But then again, I am aware of several Myvis which overtook our 100km/h Hilux—they probably completed the task within 45 minutes. After getting all those stamps, teams had to rush to the DBKK office in the city centre where the traffic jams could easily raise the blood pressure by at least 20% (but I probably achieved 50%). There, teams submitted the passports in exchange for the questions and challenges for Leg 2.

Leg 2 comprised 15 hunt questions divided into 3 sectors, two of which were walk hunts, and one was a motorised hunt. Apart from that, there were 4 challenges to be completed within a specific time window. The challenges were at locations far away from the hunt sectors, and they included planting of flower trees, rubbish collection at the seaside and playing games at KDCA. And even these challenges were at different locations from one another.

It became clear to me from the moment we received the instructions for Leg 2 that we needed to come up with a strategy to utilise our precious time efficiently. Since Vivian and I were stronger in cryptic riddles, we decided to handle the hunt questions. So Dennis and Harry dropped us off at Jesselton Point, and then went off to deal with the time-wasting errands.

The walk hunt at Jesselton Point took us probably only 10 minutes, as the answers were glaringly obvious even for the beginners. We then got into a taxi and made our way to the Api-Api development, discussing some of the hunt clues while on the way there. I was fairly amused to see VK and Jay, my hunter friends from the West, arriving at Api-Api in another taxi a few minutes later.

It was while we were going on foot, looking for the answers, that I found out that some of the teams from the West were collaborating with each other. Strange how the big money can bring out the worst in people. These were regular hunters to be reckoned with, by the way!

We were doing quite OK except for one question, but simply had to make a wild guess shortly after Dennis and Harry arrived. We then made our way together to Perdana Park in Tanjung Aru where Dennis and Harry dropped Viv and I off to attempt the 6 questions there, while they went off to deal with the 2 challenges at KDCA. The questions at Perdana Park were not exactly easy, but thanks to our strategy, we were able to spend a bit more time there. In the end, however, we had to leave the sector with one question unanswered, as we were running short on time.

Then another visit to the now famous DBKK office where again the traffic jams raised my blood pressure a little bit further. After submitting the answers for Leg 2, we got the questions for Leg 3: 15 route questions meant for the motorised hunt to some sectors in Penampang, Jln Lintas, Inanam and the journey back to the finish station in Nexus Karambunai. Time then was a bit tight. And while I and Viv worked on the questions, Dennis was busy working on making a turtle out of recyclable materials (this was the final task to be completed).

After we had finished with the questions, we had about 15 minutes to make the journey from Inanam to Nexus. Dennis had by then taken over the wheels from Harry. And while he was blazing through the road like a mediocre F1 driver, cursing every single car in front of him, Harry and Viv were busy putting the finishing touch on the pathetic turtle. I was still trying to rake my brains to make a connection between T2 and the telecommunication sponsor of the hunt. Just like playing chess, we tried our best to give a job to every member, you see.

At the dying minutes of the hunt, I was still unable to solve the missing link of Treasure 2. But I had decided long before that to submit one particular pack from a variety of possible choices on grounds of psychology and common sense (I will elaborate more on this later in another post). We had of course bought the treasures and alternative choices earlier at CKS in Millennium Plaza.

It was a very challenging hunt in terms of the crazy format and limited time for all the tasks. But it ended up with exactly how most of us had expected it. Out of the top 10 positions with cash prizes at stake (no cash beyond those placings), 9 were teams from West Malaysia. It just so happened that my team spoiled the party when we managed to squeeze in by fluke to 7th place.

Perhaps the local hunters should start planning for next year. Shortly after the hunt, already they were plans to try to beat the West Malaysians by using their own strategy. Sounds like a plan to me. But we have a whole year to think if we want to make this about money, and nothing about fun and sportsmanship. We'll see...

The Champion of KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2011

Results (130):

1. Sallehuddin Yusof, Azeman Saarin, Fazliana Ibrahim, Adrian Julian (122)
2. Norashikin bte Ab. Aziz, Rhyrita Bte Sukiman, Salleh Tating, Zizi Irlanty Bte Aznan (116)
3. Tina Goh, Cassie Forsythe, Chong Voon Kiat, Jayaram Menon (116)
4. Chai Koh Khai, Sin Yoon Leong, Margaret Sha, Chin Siow Lyn (116)
5. Danny Ng, Noriza Bte Esa, Nurzatul Hayanie Bte Mohamed, Masnudiah bte Abdullah (114)
6. Khairul Nazib Mahmud, Hagi Suhaimi Z Abidin, Erawati Hudong, Dyg Ismahanie Ismail (114)
7. Cornelius Koh, Vivian Cham, Dennis Koh, Harry Koh (111)
8. Poljiah Ag Besar, Evawati Hudong, Rosnah Nengsi Hudong (111)
9. Johan Salul, Dr Ben Lau, Dr William Gotulis, Mohamad Syukri Joni (110)
10. Peh Kok Hun, Yong Kig Siew, Tommy Ng, Loh Chee Kwan (109)


2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

If what you claim to have seen and heard is true, this is NOT about West Malaysians or East Malaysians! This is about a bunch of crooked folks who have decided to exploit a loophole in the sport for monetary gains. I don't recommend that the rest of us stoop to their levels. Victory is so hollow in such circumstances!

Cornelius said...

Sorry, VK, I'm not trying to suggest that all West Malaysians are cheats. It just so happened that some of them were in this particular hunt. I dare say there might have been some local hunters who're new to the game who must have also collaborated, but achieved nothing much in the end.

Yes, the idea was brought up earlier, and yes, that's the same answer I gave when deciding on behalf of my team prior to the hunt, i.e. that we don't want to go down to the level of the crooks. But losing to dirty tactics is still painful anyway.

Anonymous said...

We must uphold the integrity of the game. Play a fair game and win based on ingenuity & skill. That's the mark of a true champion hunter. I have no respect for any hunter no matter how good, who stoops to the level of cheating just because the prize money is big. Is this what the masters are telling the new generation of hunters to do? This is one hunt that has ended with a sour note for many.
- A hunting fan_

Cornelius said...

Anonymous friend, how nice if all of us have that attitude, huh? But unfortunately, some people use their "ingenuity & skill" in a different way than how we would use ours.

I'm sure VK's team and Chai's team are also frustrated right now. Never mind guys, we can all try again next year! hehehe.

Not to mention poor Johan & company. Johan, takpe lah, biarkanlah mereka pakat. Menang seribu dua bukannya mereka boleh jadi kaya sangat!

Cornelius said...

Oh yes, a friend just reminded me about the scoring system for this year which hasn't improved since last year, despite the assurances we got from the CoC's representative last year.

I think with the kind of prizes at stake, the least the participants deserved to know was how can they score in the games. It might affect their strategy as a whole.

In the game involving throwing slippers at 3 decks of cards, no one knew how the points were allocated. When asked, the marshals' response was, "Just try to hit as many cards as possible to get more score."

Now I ask you, what kind of idiotic answer is that? Which idiot didn't know that already?

kkchai said...

I think think the team who came in 8th is from Sabah lah.

Cornelius said...

Thanks for pointing that out, kkchai. Says here in the participants' list that Team 20 is from SELANGOR. Maybe there was a typo by the DBKK folks who compiled the list, I don't know. But there is no question that the team members of the 8th place winners are related to those of 6th place winners, unless of course we have another strange coincidence of people with the same surname but unrelated to each other.

I'd also like to point out that we do have some Sabahans in some of these winning teams. Apparently friends of our visitors from the West. They are useful in terms of finding the locations of games and hunt sectors. But of course we all know who actually won the hunt, don't we?

hagisuhaimi said...

Team 6 comprise Hagi, Kheirul, Asri Ali n Afshur (our local driver). We had registered early n use 2 local ladies' names 2 register pending confirmation fr Asri. So CKoh might hv assumed bcos our team had a Hudong n Team 20 also had 2 Hudongs, the Teams cud b related n further assumed, had collaborated.

Cornelius said...


Obviously we had quite some amazing coincidences for this year's hunt. You are right about my being mistaken - seeing the "Hudong" in both teams had given me the false impression that these people are related to one another. I will try to get in touch with those people in DBKK who compiled the list to raise the typo of pubishing a Sabahan team as a Selangor team.

On the issue of collaboration, I shall refrain from commenting further. I suppose I will have to take your word for it.

hagisuhaimi said...

There were no rules on Teams collaboration. As wth other resources (like calling a friend tt is not hunting for assistance), asking another Team for some assistance may also be regarded as using one's resources. It is only the conscience of teams whether this is right or wrong. For d KK Hunt, I believe my Team (team 007), KK Chai n Margaret, VK n Jay teams had probably got more correct answers than the Champion, 1st Runnerup, n 5th place Teams but lost out on d Challenges. I know the Champion got 38 pts fr a possible 40 pts on the Challenges

Cornelius said...

"There were no rules on Teams collaboration. As wth other resources (like calling a friend tt is not hunting for assistance), asking another Team for some assistance may also be regarded as using one's resources."

Good point there! That's one possible way to look at the matter! Thank you, hagisuhaimi, for sharing your opinion.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Who says that there are no rules on collaboration? If one sets out to cheat, I guess no rules can stop them (wink).

kkchai said...

The results of the recent Putrajaya Hunt should shed some light ....

kkchai said...

Not convinced ? Check out the BGRC hunt too.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you people trying to justify that teams collaboration is OK and resourceful.

If that's resourceful, you may as well include 'calling up COC or bribing COC for answers' as resourceful too!

If ignorant people still don't know what's right & what's wrong in treasure hunt, just because there're no rules, perhaps COC should start including the clause "Team collaboration is strictly prohibited; any team found doing so will be disqualified." in Entry Form, briefing notes or final briefing.

hagisuhaimi said...

BGRC Hunt, d winners n top placings were all established Masters. Perhaps bcos its a pure Hunt with d Qs of a higher level. So even if d non-masters had collaborated, their scores were still lower bcos of the Qs level

CK Loh said...

Please let me share my view. I believe in "to compete in a fair competition". I will give an analogy as below.

Fair competition for example, means in a martial art competition, let's say I need to fight with my opponent using sword, and this is exactly what I will use to compete. If somehow, my opponent accidentally dropped his sword, I will drop mine too, to have a fair competition. And if he pick up another weapon to fight with me, I will do the same and it is a fair competition.

Back to treasure hunt contest, I will not hesitate to use "talian hayat" help, because I know my competitors are doing the same. All I want is a fair competition. However, lately, base on few hunt results, not one or two but more, it is obvious some team is using more than "talian hayat".

It is like in a martial art competition again that are not suppose to use any weapon, my opponent suddenly pick up a sword. And you know what I am going to do? I am not going to use my bare hand to fight with the sword right? I will need at least an equivalent tool to fight right, to have a fair competition?

I will not bother that my other counterparts are still using their bare hand to fight, as I know the one that is using sword is attacking, and I have to pick up another weapon to fight. All I want is just a fair competition. Doesn't matter those that still use the bare hand say I am not fair. To drop the weapon, it is not fair to me too, because someone is with a weapon on hand.

Back to treasure hunt contest, if one of the team do pakating, and team like me in order to defend and have a fair competition will do the same, what will happen to treasure hunt? I bet some teams will follow suit, some teams will give up on this lovely competition due to mockery of it.

And more importantly this is not a treasure hunt competition anymore, where it is suppose a competition to have fun, to compete physically and mentally, and it is indeed a unique sport.

To teams that believe in pakating, my advise is please think twice, some teams may do the same in the near future, and it is not your fixed deposit after all. And the impact might be hunters pull out because of the mockery of it, and sponsors pull out too.

You know sponsors give five figures of prizes is to promote their product, in this case, promote KK. If the competition does not achieve its objective as its attract negative attraction, in future, they might to rethink whether this competition is really needed.

Look for a bigger picture, fight in a same level, and I believe teams that work hard and smart will eventually reaps the harvest. Of course you can be one of them too.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

CK Loh, to me both are wrong, be it collaborating with others who are taking part in the hunt, or collaborating with others who are not taking part in the hunt.

And when I talk about the latter, I do not mean checking with your talian hayat on trivia eg. "who are the current Liverpool strikers". I mean collaboration in the sense of getting help to solve a difficult treasure or a toughie. Or in more extreme cases (as was obvious during the BGRC hunt), getting help to comb the sector to look for answers.

Besides, with the advent of mobile internet, I can expect that hunters need not be as dependent on the talian hayat.

So I look upon all Masters to put your foot down when asked for help. I have decided to stop helping others and I hope that all of you can do the same.

We should let all teams compete equally with their own 4 pairs of hands and feet.

CK Loh said...


I know your stand as I follow your blog and know you as a person. However, as I mentioned I don't believe what is right and what is wrong, but what is fair and what is not fair. It is not right to use a weapon to fight with a weapon in a no weapon contest, but it is fair if my cpponent use a weapon, or I will get killed with one blow.

I have hunt with enough masters and know what they are doing and their source of help. And trust me we are not asking help from grand masters that made the difference, you can check with them, not many of them anyway. But I know some of them is helping our competitors.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Spare a thought for many out there who choose to compete "without weapons".

CK Loh said...


What you visualise is a very ideal situation where you want all participants do not do something 'extra' and compete in equal footing in a competition.

Even in a well established sport like football, established world famous players will do something 'extra' and in certain extent it means play dirty to gain advantage, and it is the referee that determine whether to give the red card or not. If professional world best player will do something 'extra' and foul play to gain advantage, why you think non-professional hunters will not try to do the 'extra' to gain advantage?

In my personal opinion, in any competition participants will try the best to do the 'extra', some of them is allowed and some of them is not allowed and not fair to other competitors. And it is the judge or the organiser that determine what is allowed and what is not allowed. And once they set the rules, they must be able to enforce the rule. A rule set is not a rule if it is not able to be enforced.

Back to this discussion again, different people will have different idea what is allowed and what is not allowed in treasure hunt.

Hunter A
- believe no reference can be used in hunt, and that's includes reference book and google

Hunter B
- believe refence book and google is ok, but not communicating with participants and non-participants

Hunter C
- believe refence book and google and communicating with non-participants is ok, but not communicating with participants

Hunter D
- believe everything is ok

Above is all believe, and this believe is differs from one hunter to another. No competition rules stating what can be done and what cannot be done, because there is no way to enforce it in treasure hunt.

Majority of the hunters of regular and non-regulars are hunter type C, this is their believe probably base on the knowledge that mostly everyone is in this category. If hunter type B like VK asked them to convert from type C to type B, it is difficult in my opinion. At least I know, VK has posted a similar post more than a year back on calling all regular hunters for not calling for non-participants in hunt and non-participants should not help the caller. And of course nothing is happened, you don't expect to change a believe in one post, do you?

Similarly, now hunter C is asking hunter D by changing their believe. And I am one of the hunter type C that do so. However, realistically I know it will not happen, just like hunter type B ask hunter type C to change their believe.

In my personal opinion, it is the organiser role to ensure everyone compete with 'no weapons' not the hunter role. If they have to give red card and ban some team, then this is the thing that they have to do. Only problem is how to do it, as there is really no solid proof in treasure hunting not like any other sport. If this is not possible, maybe changing the hunt format that will minimise the effect of pakating will do at this moment. COC shouldn't set hunt competition format, where pakat teams will have enormous advantage.

Hunter E said...

Bottom line! You guys just didn't perform on the challenges@KDCA.

From the comments made, i can safely say that some of you are just a bunch of sore losers. Hope you guys will recover from all that soreness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Koh,
Very very difficult to talk about fair competition. May be just to educate all of hunters then you can.

Maradona is a professional footballer and everybody know he is the legend of football. All of the world was cheated by him for unpenalized handball goal and also was voted for "The Goal of the Century". Is it fair?

Sadness to say WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP still remain to his country. Looks like who's care?

Probably, thats why i'm not become a professional footballer....herk herk herk.

By the way, how to become MASTER HUNTER from beginner? Do you mind to start as Hunter D group?

West-East Malaysian.

CK Loh said...

Hi Hunter E,

Admittedly the champion is the deserving champion by scoring 38 out of 40, dropping only 2 points. For all the rest in top 10 even they get the perfect scores in other areas, they will not be champion with the KDCA challenge that they get.

However, it is obvious that other teams that gang up with the champion, although they do not so bad in the challenge, they will not get top 5 placings as they share the answer given by the champion. We are talking about two teams here that in top 5.

In this hunt, I don't think there is any different for the champion, if they pakat or not with 38 over 40 challenges point. They will be champion anyway. But it will be must sweeter if they DIY. Don't forget that with some pakat team in other areas, this will allow them all the time to concentrate on their challenge in KDCA.

Also, other teams that getting top 5, with given answers, technically have grabbed RM 5k from the team that finished third placing.

If you still want to argue, just try to field one team alone in other competition and just see whether will get the same result and prove me wrong.

Hunter E said...

Hi Mr. Loh,

You seem to know everything that's been going on that particular day. How do you know that poor Johan wasn't collaborating with others? Are you deadly sure?

About the KDCA thinggy, what's there for them to concentrate on. You just need 1 or 2 person to perform the 4mins challenges. Come on that's lame.

Hey, i don't need to prove to you anything even if you are some so called hotshot.Maybe you guys should go into writing n come up with something like Treasure Hunting for Dummies.

Let me tell you this. The team that came in second are that good and it's not an understatement.

Don't you get it. It's the format.

Again, i'm sad.

Anonymous said...

Flashback to BGRC hunt, Pava jokingly announced 2 teams tied all the way including Qs countdown and finally the tie has to be broken by odometer reading? These teams had the same Treasure wrong & same 10 Qs wrong. A case of coincidence? I thought that was amusing then. Then a little research showed that these names appeared as 3 teams in Putrajaya Hunt, winning big prizes and sweeping over all master hunters. Another coincidence?

Now take a look at DBKK hunt, you will find them appearing in 4 teams, again winning big prizes. This is definitely not amusing anymore!

And some hunters choose to think that that calling other competing teams for help (in other words pakating) is considered resourceful. Where the sportmanship in treasure hunting gone down to? All because of big money involved.

To Pasukan Pakatan ... u think we do not know you? We will be monitoring u all the way from now.

CK Loh said...

I don't know for sure Johan's team is pakat or not, but hunt result of BGRC, Putrajaya and KK City hunt suggest they don't do it. They must be damm inefficient, if they decide to do pakating and only one team get prizes. If they really did, then they are smart by getting different result in BGRC with other teams.

Hunters are not stupid that assuming when three hunt results indicate the same teams get the positioning next to each others with the same scores in answering clues, challenge points different, and they are sitting on the same table and celebrate it together.

If you think that hunters will believe this is just pure coincidence, then you better think twice.

They are many teams that pakat, but only the good team that pakat will finish top 10. No doubt. Newbie teams can form as many team that they want, but it won't work. Question is all 3 teams are good, or only 1 or 2 are good enough to win top 5, you know and I know. No point debate this point that will never get a result.

Agree hunt format will caused top favourite teams not winning. No doubt. However, some teams further exploit the hunt format to maximise the profit, you know and I know.

A win is a win, if you are beating your opponents with sword and your opponents are just using bare hands, then it is still a win. But to further insult your opponent as sore losers and celebrates the win, then I just can't find a word to describe it now.

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys, stop being a sore loser! All thing talking is not doing anyone any good.

Unless of course, if any of you actually have the guts, then bring this matter to the organizer or to the team who have won (the one you have accused of cheating in the competition).

Remember that there are 2 sides to a story, and by no means your story is the correct one.

Hopefully you won't be another sore loser next year!

Treasure Hunt Newbies said...

This year's treasure hunt is my team members and I very first experience. Being the first time, we admit that we are totally blank/lack of knowledge to strategise and experience to solve those questions as well. Nevertheless, we have fun playing the game although we know that we will not winning any prizes.

What had terrified me and my team was, all top 2s and another 1 team of top 10 (can't recall which) were sitting together in front of us at the same table during the prize giving ceremony. We heard they said to each other while passing the camera was that " Nanti tolong ambil gambar yeh", before their team's number was announced!

Let's say they are so confident to win the top 3s after knowing the answers of the questions given were all correct. But my friend overheard the conversation from one of their team members said "terima hadiah nak pakai baju ape?", at the lobby before the game was closed and there's still lots of team has not coming back yet (even this blogger and the team are still preparing their creature turtle - great job btw). How could they so sure that they will win? Because they are hunter master??

Anyway, just want to share what we hear and what we see. Although we feel abit unfair from this competition to those who are really work hard and play hard, it will not discourage us to play again for the next year's ;) We are long way to go.

Cornelius said...

Thank you all, for sharing your views. Well, I can see that this is not an easy subject; and it’s also not a special case for the KK City Hunt only. Of what’s going on in the KL hunting scene, I shall refrain from commenting. For the moment, I’d prefer to focus on the KK hunting scene.

I’d like to respond to Hunter E; and again, thanks for your view. As you already know, my team is a purely Sabahan team based in KK. And because we got 7th in this hunt, let me hasten to assure you that we did not lose in terms of dollars and cents. Had my team been lucky enough to win this hunt last Sunday, I would still have raised the issue of team collaboration anyway.

Obviously, Hunter E, your “bottom line” is different from mine. Yes, my team did awful in the games. Ah! but let’s not dwell on that – decidedly we did not perform in the games! No excuses!

Just to share with you, Hunter E, before the hunt, there were talks in the KK hunting fraternity of “working together” in terms of sharing answers to hunt questions. The idea was to bring on par all the local regular teams. The fight would then be solely on the games, which in turn depended entirely on luck. The main reason this was suggested was because we had anticipated that the visitors would do the same too, and we were bent on denying them the glory of winning. Let’s all fight on the games and see who’s lucky to come out on top, that’s the point! If that’s the “format”, as you put it, then so be it! Quite frankly, it wasn’t so much about the cash prizes.

But I decided on behalf of my team not to have anything to do with collaboration. And when I was stuck with the Ribena treasure, I was tempted to send out SOS to many of my master hunter friends in the West, but I did not. I found out that the rest abandoned the plan too (perhaps if they did, they were afraid that I'd announce their scheme here?).

Well, it so happened that one of our local teams did perform well in the games that day. Unfortunately, they didn’t do too well in their route questions. Counting back the points they lost from the questions, and if I had supplied them the correct answers, they would have achieved 118 points, thus securing the second place, winning RM5,000. Of course my team would then be pushed down to 8th, but still winning the RM500 cash prize, so no difference to us. We can then probably expect a portion of that RM5,000 for our “contribution”. So it would have been a win-win situation for both teams.

However, the 3rd place winner would be pushed down to 4th, losing RM2,000 in the process. And the 5th place winner would be down to 6th, losing RM500. Whereas the 10th place winner would be down to 11th, totally losing their cash. I wonder if they would then become sore losers?

So as you can see, Hunter E, I could have made a difference in the outcome of the hunt if I chose to. The bottom line – my “bottom line” – was that I did not. I may have failed to win the hunt, but I’m happy that I did not lose myself in the competition.

Cornelius said...

Hi West-East Malaysian,

Thanks for your comment. I have to reluctantly agree with you that it is “very, very difficult to talk about fair competition.” But I must beg to differ on your second point; I’m convinced that there are still many amongst us who do care about fair play.

I think the principle of “fair play” comes from within oneself, not so much from CoCs and marshals watching over every single hunter like a hawk. As far as I am concerned, the thrill of treasure hunts lies in the process of solving clues and spotting answers. If those are taken away, as in sharing answers between teams, then what’s left are the games; and they are usually about luck, hardly anything about brains. In such a case, it is better to have a telematch, and not a treasure hunt. But that’s my personal opinion, and I can accept that it may not be a popular opinion.

Regarding your question about becoming a Master Hunter, first of all, let me clarify that in Malaysia, the definition of a “Master Hunter” is when one’s name is found in the Time Out Solutions’ Hall of Fame. But just because my name is in that list, it doesn’t mean that I am better than the average hunter – far from it! It’s a long and amusing story how my name found its way into that list, and I shall spare my readers from that boring story.

I wish to say, however, that contrary to what you may think, I most certainly did not become a so-called Master Hunter by means of cheating. That title Master Hunter in itself is already embarrassing enough for me, and at times a liability instead of an asset. To have to cheat my way to earn that title is even worse. So, to answer your question, yes, I’m most willing to start working for the recognition from the very bottom if I have to. How else would you suggest to become a Master Hunter?

Anonymous said...

hot hot hot!!!
the hunt format make all possibility possible. some modifications needed for 2012 edition, like...

1. only 1 set qs given.
2. each sector qs submit at the same sector within times given.
3. all 4 team members must registered at challenge locations.
4. NASIB challenges set as tie breaker.

hagisuhaimi said...

The format of d Hunt + the Level of Qs had determine d winners. Some how d Masters failed miserably in d Challenges. The 1st tie breaker (based on Challenges scores) doesnt help d Masters either. If d tie breaker was based on Qs countback I m sure positions 2 to 6 would hv been different. Now if the Hunt format is purely on Qs n Ts (with d Qs of a higher level) I m positive d Masters will win, even if some of the other non-masters but regulars r to pakat. The BGRC Hunt is a good example. But I m for Hunt w Challenges format, so tt d Masters n Regulars hv somewhat an equal chance of winning. But again, this wont work if Teams continue to PAKAT.

Cornelius said...

I want to add that some of the KK hunters have requested me to organised a hunt as soon as possible, since they performed poorly in the KK City Hunt last Sunday. I had planned to organised my KK Challenge series around September, but in view of the special request, I may have to do it earlier. Initially, I considered mid April, but I was told that's Palm Sunday, so it's not a suitable date. So now I may have to consider mid May instead.

The request was that this year's KK Challenge should be closed to Sabahan teams only. Although I don't like that particular request, I will oblige in this case. However, I am making an exception to the Champion of last Sunday's KK City Hunt. I will be sending them a special invitation to join my hunt.

As usual, my KK Challenge will be a pure hunt, i.e. route questions and no silly games. My standard is not as high as those in KL, so the Champion should find it something akin to a stroll in the park. I will make further announcement once this is confirmed.

CK Loh said...

Talking about ideal hunt format, I think item 1 and 3 will not make a difference for collaborated teams.

Item 4 will make a difference, but this is not what the organiser want to allow more chances to non-cheating newbie hunters to win prizes. Participants will be much less, if it is a pure hunt.

Item 2 will make a slight difference, but it will be alot of work for event organiser, and it might creates other problems due to too many mid point controls.

1. only 1 set qs given.
2. each sector qs submit at the same sector within times given.
3. all 4 team members must registered at challenge locations.
4. NASIB challenges set as tie breaker.

I have been to a hunt Charis Hospice Penang Heritage Hunt 2009, where there are at least 50% questions are non cryptic and able to solved by any hunters, thus allowing most participants able to play fair and enjoy the hunt. And it is not a pure hunt, but challenge based but not luck based. Yet, deserving winning team still won the hunts, and pakat teams don't gain much ground to make a different as cryptic clues are nicely segregated, even though majority of the clues are not cryptic.

I think this hunt is a good reference for future hunt format of KK CIty hunt and similar hunts with the same objective of having more participants to be able to play and not creating loop hole for pakat team to gain ground. For further info, can refer to this article:

Cornelius said...


I'm a bit outdated on the hunting scene in KL, but be careful with what we're doing. Newbies need to remember that the masters can also pakat. If they decide to pakat, the new hunters will have NO chance to win no matter what format.

Anonymous said...

For those who didn't join KK Hunt 2011, but in case you want to check out the photo of the winning champion team - pls see the link below

Anonymous said...

Whoops... the URL link wasn't shown in its entirety. Pls find the complete link below

Cornelius said...

Ah! Thank you, anonymous friend, for providing the link! To be honest, I was there to take the photo of the champ myself that day. But unfortunately there were so many people blocking my view. There were also there to take photos. I took 2 shots anyway, but was disappointed to find both of them blur.

I'll download the one from the link you provided, and then will upload it to the above post. Thanks again.

Cornelius said...

Hmmm... strange... I received a comment from a commentor, but somehow that comment did not appear here. It only appeared in my emailbox as it usually would. So I will post that comment from that Anonymous commentor, and then try to reply to it. Here is his/her comment:

I just realised that during the hunt, a team registered on a vehicle are allowed to travel on other vehicles and it is alright if a so call Master, stealing some answers from careless COC.( only when his team mate said " don't stoop to their levels")
How fool we are?

Cornelius said...

Interesting point, Anonymous friend. I think this boils down to hunting experience. And since you brought up the issue of using an alternative means of transport which was not registered as the vehicle of the hunt, this is what I think.

It happened that a few years ago, in the KK City Hunt, a team from KL came here to hunt. They hired a car and registered that car for the hunt. That was, I think, the first time I joined the KK City Hunt. I can still remember the time when we were running out of time, and driving along Jln Tuaran, we saw that team from KL at the road side with their car's hood up and steam coming out of it. We had a good laugh in the car.

But later on that day, that team actually won the closed category of the hunt. They had continued the hunt in a taxi up to the finish line. Just like you, Anonymous friend, I did not know that if necessary, an alternative means of transport can be used. Unless, of course, if that rule is only reserved to participants from the West? If I need to, I would take a bicycle, or bus, or just walk in between hunt and to the finish line.

I think there was a hunt in KL a while ago where hunters were supposed to ride in a train. But a team travelled on foot instead and won that hunt in the end. I don't know if there was ever a hunt where hunters were only allowed to used registered vehicles for the entire hunt. But that is an interesting topic for discussion.

Regarding "stealing some answers from careless CoC", I have no clue what you're talking about. Please bear with me. Why don't you enlighten me if I have somehow stolen answers. I can't remember seeing the CoC throughout the entire duration of the hunt, but please refresh my memory. Age is fast catching on, and I tend to forget sometimes.

Cornelius said...

Oh! by the way, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I failed to answer ALL three bolded Qs in this hunt. Would have been nice to steal those from a careless CoC for sure.

Oh well, I'm so tired. I have another run tomorrow. So I'm going to bed now. Will be checking out this blog again tomorrow morning. I'm dying of curiosity to know more about this stealing answers issue!

Anonymous said...


From the photo, which one caught your eyes doing the act of collaborating at Api-api Centre?

Cornelius said...

Anonymous (March 3, 2011 12:38 AM),

You are not the first one to ask me that question. A few others have beaten you to it. Some have even asked me if it would make any difference if we lodged a complaint to the CoC or organiser. My response was there is no point to pursue the matter, because that person(s) would simply deny it and that's the end of the story. Maybe I would think differently if I had something in the order of video camera or tape recorder, capturing the act. But even then I don't believe it will get us anywhere. The winners are the winners, and that's all done with.

By the way, this is not the first time this has happened. When I last hunted in KL, I experienced the same thing. It wasn't a hunt offering big cash prizes, but even then the sharing habit or giving tips habit did not stop. Absolutely killed the fun of treasure hunting. I have not hunted in KL since. Again, nothing much I can do.

But please tell me more about the answers stolen from the careless CoC. That's something new, and I find it very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that we can generate more than 40 comments from this.

CK Loh - it is not about fighting with corresponding weapon. This is about ganging up and bashing poor individuals.

I remember reading in an entry form before that collaborating with other teams are not allowed or something to that effect. Not sure if this hunt has that clause.

Cheating or ignoring the rules in order to gain advantage is not something new. We read before that one hunter (from West Malaysia)would sneak into the toilet and peek into an envelope which was not supposed to be opened until much later.

All these boils down to our objective in joining hunts. To enjoy solving the questions or to snatch prizes (to the extent of stooping low).

To the East Malaysians that are being used, do not sell your dignity to these people. I can be almost certain that they do not share the cash equally among all the members. At most, you would be getting those much inflated vouchers and few sacks of rice. Not realising that they have used you and your car.

***A apple from the East***

Cornelius said...

Hehehe, "A apple from the East", what to do, sometimes when the clue is not 100% perfect, we need to improvise and play a bit of guessing game bah!

The clue:

"... making a plea softly"

I thought this part of the clue looked a bit strange. I think it must have been about 2 yrs ago when I first encountered SOFTLY (or QUIETLY) = p. Since then, I've seen it on quite a regular basis when doing cryptic crosswords. I've never really liked nor agree with SOFTLY = p, but apparently that is a well accepted equation in the cryptic crosswords world. Whether I like or agree with it or not is not important. The point is to remember that equation. In fact, I raised this particular issue in my comment recently.

Upon seeing that clue, I thought of another strong team in KK, of which a member is an accomplished pianist. I thought this clue must have been easy for her!

Now, of course "making" is an obvious anagram indicator, so the clue can be simplified into:

[anagram] a plea + p

I saw "APPLE", meant for the flavour of the treasure; and I saw that extra "a" too. So it becomes "A APPLE" flavour!... hahaha!

Aiyah, APPLE or A APPLE also can lah! Wrong also just accept, what to do?

Anonymous said...

Mr Cornelius, have u given a thought, by posting that photo, somehow it might
be making equally a bad perception of other readers towards the champ? Who are u, anyway? Yet u r so chickened out
to question them right after the prize giving ceremony? Or when u caught them collaborating at one of the hunting sector, confront them right away? Why must u let your blog turn to a court?! I believe
the Champ still not yet responding.. Or Is Hunter E one of them?

Only after u r having a group of supporters here, a so called 'sore loser' as purportedly called by Hunter E, then u r slowly
transforming into a so called Chief Justice and influencing the readers to buy your story.

Well, i believe, some of your supporters here, are having a big grudge towards the Champ after being whacked in the recent
big paid Hunt. I used to considered myself as a 'regular non-big-winner' and fairly neutral in judging hunters where
their opponents accuse them of cheating/collaborating etc etc.

I have been in a hunting scene since 2005 and it was a closed hunt that i had my first venture into this crazy, fun-filling
and money making sport.

Here are my objective/priority back in 2005:
1. TO GET TO KNOW about treasure hunting, simultanously to have a FUN weekend for sure.
2. Try to be among the winners and get some extra pocket MONEY to pay off my bills provided
the entry fee is comparable with the prize offered.

After making much of an investment in fee and countless attempts, I can say that I have failed to outwit the so called
Masters or Hall of Famer in the open hunt. Then only I started to have a weird perception towards them. Are they
really good? or do they practise Hunter C or D's belief? or do they colloborating with the COCs who are so happened to
be their hunting buddy? Also, at my side i ask this "Is it becoz of I am not good or my strategies r simply awful?

to be continued..

Anonymous said...

Looking back at my objective back in 2005, I happened to be starting as a 'Hunter B'. I believe in a strong will and
proud with my knowledge and skill in solving Qs without the help of the other(participating or
non-participating). Two to three years of having to bear with the agony of losing, I told myself that I should be getting
help 'talian hayat' from others. Soon after changing my belief to
Hunter C, and having a well planned strategy, and in that process meeting regular hunters and at the same time making them
a 'talian hayat' too, then only i started to making returns. Eventhough small, still I wasn't able to beat the master.
Until one day in 2009, I officially told myself that I had enough of hunting due to my family is the priority.
Only on and off becoming a 'talian hayat' to my hunting friend who is still have the spirit of beating the master.
I wish them a big luck as always..

Until today, frankly speaking, I do enjoy becoming a 'talian hayat'. To recap on my hunting history, I didnt win big,
and just dont bother of joining any open hunt anymore where these so called
EXPERTs participate in a bigger way. I just have to keep myself updated on hunting scene with the Hunter's Blog.
At times, I noticed these people are all the same and keep changing partners in their quest to win big.

If I were to make my own bad perception like Mr Cornelius and his supportes made towards the Champ of the KK hunt and their
hunting friends, I too can also make a bad perception towards the other Non masters or Masters too. Right?
With the advancement of technology SMS/MMS etc etc. everything is possible.

I must say this, I do respect Mr Cornelius that your stand in becoming a master whereby u didnt cheat to be one of them.
I am not sure about the other masters..

Lastly, even if I am wrong.. again, I just dont care.. More importantly, It is the objective/priority of every hunter.
If they opt on winning big money why must uols blaming them? And on a lighter note.. Once a while losing compare with all
the time winning doesnt make uols great enough kaa? If uols r so called pro.. no matters how cruel other competitors will
be or how many loopholes the COCs plant, uols just shud say 'I can live with it'!!

Just dont get carried away by the defeat with a non-master team, becoz rain or shine uols still have the 'expertise'
to emerge champion again.. just pray..luck will be on your side next time...Cheers!!

Ex-Regular Non-Big-Winner

Hunter E said...

Sorry to dissapoint but i'm not from the winners circle. I'm just a baddie who enjoy aside.

Better hope that the winners doesn't reply to all this crap cuz my guess all hell's gonna break loose.

God is Great!

Cornelius said...

Ex-Regular Non-Big-Winner,

Thanks for your comments. And thanks for sharing your hunting experience here. Ummm... I had to read your comments twice to absorb what I was reading, so I hope I did get the gist of it correctly.

Firstly, as a matter of norm, if you search back my reviews of past hunts, be it the KK City Hunts or my own KK Challenge hunts, I have always tried my best to post the photos of the Champions. Sometimes, if I have other interesting photos of the hunts, I've included those too. I see no reason why this time should be any different. If you somehow interpreted that as my attempt to create some sort of bad impression on the Champ, then there is nothing I can do about it. After all, if I failed to post the photo of the Champ this time, that, too, can be wrongly interpreted as something negative.

Secondly, please be assured that I'm not in my wildest dreams trying to be a Chief Justice, hahaha!

Thirdly, I have not accused anyone specifically by name, and neither have I specified which teams collaborated with each other. This was mainly because I can produce no material evidence. As I have said earlier, if I had captured the act on video, then maybe that's a different story. But I'm convinced that the Champion of this hunt deserved the prize they won on score for the simple reason that they did great at the games, just like what Hunter E had correctly said, collaboration or not. Again, I offer no excuse for my miserable performance at the games. 38/40 is not easy to achieve, and I doubt that my team can achieve that even if given a second chance.

Finally, thanks for your faith in my team. If ever we win the KK City Hunt, it would be the first time we achieve it - so there is no "again" as you said. The closest we got was second place. But we will keep trying in the years to come. And luck!... yes, tell me about it!... we're gonna need lots of that!

Cornelius said...

Hunter E,

When are you gonna come over to try our KK City Hunt? Bring your team over lah.

Anonymous said...

Regular HUNTER,

Hi Master,

I lost numerous of money paid the fees for treasure hunt since 2002. Since then i had ever win any hunt. sigh hahhaha. I was decided to choosen selected hunt only. Just wanna to say that, the reason why i am joining this KK hunt because this hunt got this is the best time to bit the Masters...but still i am unable to do so bah.hahaha I think better let them go..aiyak i am really disgusted to see champ face lor...:)

West-East Malaysian said...

Hi Mr. Koh,

Thanks to explain to me about so called Master Hunter. I think I'm newbie in this hunt world. So, I think everybody will grab any opportunity if they can and no excuse for Masters too. After my details analysis of KK City Hunt result. This is my comment:
1) I can see team no 1 and no 2 have different points.This is because of challenge points make them different...or some Qs?
2) Team no 2,3 and 4 got same result. Probably they all collaborate? Possible or not, 3 or 2 of the team collaborate?
3) Team no. 5 and no. 6 is from West Malaysia..and there got same points....hmmmm..guess what? Of course no collaboration there because of challenge points again....
4) Team no. 7 of course we know from Sabah...then no. 8...also from Sabah?....accidently no. 7 and no. 8 got same point...hmmm..again please bear in mind that this hunt have challenge points...
5) Team no 9 and no. 10 looks different point...just one point.May be I can put my trust on team no. 10......

Do you(or friends of you) have experience that some hunter was DQ by Coc because of pakating? Interesting to know abaout this.

West-East Malaysian.
(To become regular hunter...)

Anonymous said...

West-East Malaysian,

I don't believe it, still not clear

Team 1,2,5 is pakat team from West Malaysia. Not first time.

Team 6,8 is pakat team also, one team is from West Malaysia and the other team is wife and relatives team from Sabah. Husband one team, wife one team. Husband team is master team.

Team 3,4,9,10 are master teams from West Malaysia.

Team 7 is master team from East Malaysia.

hagisuhaimi said...

This anonymous guy seems 2 know a lot. I m team tt came out 6th. We got 2 wrongs in d Qs. If u cãre 2 check w d CoC, team tt got 8th placings, got 4 or 5 wrong answers. If we pakat n give them 2 or 3 more correct answers, their placings wud hv been better than 8th. But please check on Team 1, 2 n 5 - right answers n wrong answers wud probably b d same. N why not u mention team comp no 6 (ours is 7) which submitted d entry form with us. We might hv pakat too for them to finish just in top 20.

hagisuhaimi said...

Hi CK, care 2 xtend an invitation 2 a team comprising 1 Labuanese, 2 Sabahans n d 4th person 1/3 Labuanese 4 ur upcoming KK Hunt. That is my team of my wife (who lives in Labuan), my wife's brothers' in law (both lives in KK) n myself who spends 10 days in Labuan n 20 days in KL every month

West-east malaysian said...

of course i want to know more about hunt in malaysia not only this behaviour. Many potential newbie hunter will do the same 'strategy' to beat a master...otherwise all new comer just have to see all top ten position was stamps with the masters name....and how sure this master no collaborate each others?
after joining a few hunt...i got same feeling with ex-regular non-big-winner. Any chance to non master get first position? Only in hunt competition which have a lot of challenge they can beat masters...
To chechking the answer of d Qs, why we judge for team no. 1,2 and 5..unfair treatment here....i think better reveal answer from all top ten answer....possibility the exact answer not just come from no 1,2 and 5. We talk about fair competition right?..what the no. 6 really really unfair!!!how master can do this?

west-east malaysian.

Hunter E said...

Don't get me wrong. I was there but did miserably on the challenges n the bold Qs. Joined d hunt for the fun of aside.

It just makes me sick seeing some of the so called Masters/Hall of Famers acting like some goody 2-shoes. Stop being such hypocrites with all d sweet talk and pretend to act as if they dont do any pakating. With their stature i guess they are the "pakatkings".

quoted: "To Pasukan Pakatan ... u think we do not know you? We will be monitoring u all the way from now"

Guess this one comes from one of the masters. So so lame.

I used to have some respect for d so called "masters" but now it's all history.

Have a good one.

Cornelius said...

Hmm... looks like we're not done with this, huh? I must apologise that because of the overwhelming number of comments, I may be unable to respond to all of them. Thanks for your comments anyway. I shall try to respond for as much as I can, especially to comments clearly addressed to, or related to my own team.

For the second time, a comment arrived at my emailbox this morning, which had failed to appear here in this blog. I have no explanation for it, but while I had originally planned to post that comment during this lunch break, I received an email from the commenter, asking me to re-post his comment for him, which I'm doing now:

"Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous
March 4, 2011 2:48 AM

Are you new in treasure hunting? Seems not. Up to a point you can tell husband n wife teams. ;))

BTW, Are you darn sure that the master teams in KK hunt didnt pakat?

If you dare to say non-master teams pakat, I can prove to you and the readers here,
the master pakat too long long time ago.

When talking about pakat, there is also another form of pakat. No secret in the West.
Example: participating hunters split into open and closed category, and win big in the both category.
Normally the master will be in the open whereas the novice will in the closed.Finally, they equally share the bounty.

I can name here the master who did that. Any objection?

p/s: Wish to see 100 comments.. :))

March 4, 2011 10:49 AM"

The comment was originally posted by "Anonymous", but by the time I received the email from the commenter, he signed of as "Sicked Regular Hunter".

I shall post this first, and then reply shortly.

Cornelius said...

Since there is a mention of “master teams in KK”, I feel obliged to respond. The reason is simple; as far as I know, there are only 3 hunters in Sabah who carry the so-called title of “Master Hunter”. We’re divided into 2 teams. I am the only “Master Hunter” in my team, Megapawns. The other two “Master Hunters” are in another team known as Main Tembak. So “master teams in KK” must be referring to these 2 teams! We have had a kind of love-hate relationship over the years, in that we have been big rivals in the local hunting scene for a while now. But at the same time beyond treasure hunting we are all very good friends. We volunteered to organize small unofficial hunts in recent years, practically for free, in the hope of improving the standard of the local hunters, but also keeping the interest going.

In the recent KK City Hunt, I had expected Main Tembak to kick our butts. So imagine my shock when they ended up at 22nd position. It was very uncharacteristic of Main Tembak, and any local team which knew them would say the same! I don’t know what really happened, but I heard that they failed to solve the Ribena treasure; as well as did badly in the games. I wonder if the bad luck had anything to do with their competition number, 13? (Smile). I’d like to think that if we had pakat with them, they’d achieved a much better result in the end, though not necessarily winning the hunt. If we had pakat, we suck big time at it - we desperately need to learn how to do it right!

But in all fairness, I’m not blocking out comments from my readers, positive or otherwise. You are free to voice your opinions. I’ll leave it to the rest of my readers to decide what to believe and what not to.

I'll bring this to Alvin's and Bernard's attention. They may wish to add further comments.

Regarding pakat between open and closed categories, I’m assuming that those were hunts in KL (but please correct me if I’m wrong). Incidentally, I have been to KL hunts too a while ago as a learning process. In all cases, I came home in a deficit, even though we won a couple of the hunts. Or rather the teams I tumpang won – not me. I’m thinking if I could earn a bit more “bounty” from another team, that would have been nice to cover some of my expenses.

Hunter E said...

Just out of curiosity what was the deleted comments all about on March 1, 2011 7:36 PM.

A friend of mine actually noticed the post from Sicked Regular Hunter earlier this morning n was surprised it was later removed. I find it bemusing.

West-East Malaysian said...


Wow.....up to this...I don't know who is trully fair play hunter.

So, I just continue to enjoy the tresure hunting..don't care who is the winner...

West-East Malaysian.

Cornelius said...

Hunter E,

Very quickly now, that deleted comment was apparently a double posting. The content is the same as the one immediately after that deleted one by the same commenter. I suppose when he realised that he posted twice, he simply deleted one of them.

Please be assured that I don't normally block comments from my readers, positive or not, beneficial to me or not. As you can see, there are quite a number of comments above which are not in my favour. I could have deleted them. They are still there now. I have no explanation how 2 of the comments failed to appear here, or if they suddenly disappeared, but if there are others which have failed to reach even my emailbox. please let me know. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Real Hunters!!

The champ really like johnny fairplay!!!!!!!!!!!

CK said...

wow.... looks like i missed the fun here.

we talked about the challenges points percentage in a hunt before this and there was quite some debate on that few years back. now, with these latest development, i guess it's overshadowed.

there's nothing fair especially in days like these... with internet and everyone can be connected so easily. looks like a little hunt in KK can be such a thought-provoking event to the current situation of the world that we are facing now!!!

for me, i am quite surprised that the issue of collaboration popped up only this late; well, maybe only in KK as it might have happened in KL scene quite some time ago. and somehow now it quite of dampen my enthusiasm to drive a few hours on the wkend from the tiny dot south to participate.

i missed the fun hunting with my fellow KK hunters, that's all i'm going to say.

Cornelius said...

Hi CK,

Been a while since the last I heard from you!

This is not a new issue, CK. Even in KL it's an ongoing thing bah. Just that nobody really discusses it openly mah. Maybe they see no point in discussing it, I don't know. And if that's the reason, I think that's a good point too!

By the way, CK, aren't you ever gonna hunt in KK kah? Don't stop too long, you will get rusty very fast, you know!... hehe.

CK said...

yeah....... it's getting bored and rusty at the same time!!!!!!
it clashed with my company dinner else, i'll be reunited with DeStoneS doing all those nasty challenges hahahhaha

Cornelius said...


If you were around last Sunday, De StoneS might have made it to the top 10, you know! They dropped a number of easy route Qs. They did OK in the games (as usual?). Next year, you must try harder to come back for KK City Hunt. Return airfares from Singapore affordable bah!

CK said...

of course i will be back :)

Anonymous said...

all comments r or prizes is not the factor but the game itself r owesome. congrats to organiser. we didn't espect to win but to enjoy every moment of the game.
the night before while taking our dinner, we don't talk much about the hunt but to enjoy the seafood,after the game we enjoy more with family and the challenger.i wish you all there too dine with us,honestly.
apple, wrong about us.we not desperate for money or prizes.btw it's equally divided, off course portion of it for the seafood bills and the prizes, we offering each other or giveaway .lol

Anonymous said...

throwing slippers.'"no one knew how the points allocated"???oh..come on,well, i think you should sit at the front line during the briefing..
we did well there, and the can shooting,..full mark''' we just damn lucky"""""yes

Cornelius said...

Wow! Good for you, Anonymous (March 6, 2011 10:06 PM)! My mistake; of course the CoC had to know how the points were allocated. So yes, someone knew.

I'm not sure I understand you. Are you saying that the CoC announced the games and their point-allocation during the briefing?

Anonymous said...

to all fellow hunter...
the 2011 hunting is gone and done!!
sooo just stop all this crap!!
Be happy and see u all next year!!!!

heyyyyyyyy Aramai Tieeee....

Anonymous said...

To the East Malaysians that are being used, do not sell your dignity to these people. I can be almost certain that they do not share the cash equally among all the members. At most, you would be getting those much inflated vouchers and few sacks of rice. Not realising that they have used you and your car.

***A apple from the East***
----------------------------------to For me...
its not a matter of dignity or being used, its more of a one willingness of participation of the games, winning or losing is the name of the GAME. Never thought of being used, and as for me i had fun and enjoyed it. As for equality of the winning prizes, all shared, fair and satisfied.
"urang sabah bah"

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr me to told the A Apple that nobody was using me...I am a Sabahan n I enjoy the hunt not because of the prizes ..sorry to say.

Cornelius said...

Anonymous friend,

Sorry for the delay of this reply. I'm away in KL now for the Bareno Run tomorrow (Sunday).

I don't know who is "A Apple". But I'm guessing maybe he has seen your earlier comment.