Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coal-Fired Power Plant—The About Turn

The proposed coal-fired power plant has been quite a hot issue in Sabah. The government has been bent on building the forsaken power plant, and it has been trying so hard to maneuver all the protests from Sabahans. Out of nowhere, suddenly there were 1,500 people who supported the proposed coal-fired power plant. Numerous environmental studies conducted by professionals suggest that the coal-fired power plant is a bad idea.

That's why it was somewhat surprising when Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman announced a few days ago that the state government has put a stop all bids for a coal power plant in a move to protect the environment. [The Star]

He added, "Sabah needs to increase power supply to meet the increasing development but the state cannot afford to put its natural environment at risk... We must protect the environment especially when it is the biggest tourism draw".

An awesome about turn in the government policy!

Now I'm really convinced that the general election is coming soon.

But I wonder how soon the coal-fired power plant proposal will be resumed after the election...

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