Monday, December 13, 2010

The Frozen World

It's probably psychological, but have you ever found yourself in one of those situations when you're rushing for something important, and it seemed like the whole world was conspiring to slow you down? Everything around you seemed to have frozen! The bumper-to-bumper traffic jam which took a million years to move an inch; and when you arrived at the many traffic lights, all of them were red? And then when you have somehow escaped from the traffic jams, everyone around you seemed like they're absolutely determined to drive as slow as possible?

Well, today I experienced one of those moments. And it was quite a challenge!

And of course as Murphy's Law would have it, of all the time in the world, that was the one time when I was running low on diesel. So off I went to the nearest fuel station, only to find an exceptionally long queue. I waited patiently and saw all my hair gradually turning white in the mirror. Finally, it was my turn!

It was a self-service station, so I had to frantically wave from the pump to the attendant at the cash register who was busy playing with her cellphone to start my pump flowing.

After I was done filling up diesel into my tank, I walked over to the cashier to pay. I asked for a receipt, and she began the Herculean task of writing out one. I stood there watching her in action.

This was the receipt:

It was perhaps a mere few seconds' affair, but, y'know, when you're rushing, it felt like she took an eternity to sign the damn receipt. Amazing the amount of strokes in some people's signatures. I'm thinking if they're not careful, they can make me lose my head—I may just end up killing somebody because of seeing those kind of signatures!

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