Thursday, March 18, 2010

KK Challenge 6—Announcement

I meant to make this announcement much earlier than this, but I've been quite busy. This week has been hell, I tell you!

On Monday, our case was up in the Appellate Court. Losing that case would have meant some years of suffering on our part. The Appellant was claiming a very substantial sum! But on the facts of the case, as well as in the hands of a reputable legal team, the panel of 3 judges found in our favour. And that's a big relief.

Then today I had to appear in the High Court as an Assessor for a land dispute. In the end, I will have to appear again on 6 May. But as usual, it took quite a lot of time and effort for the preparation.

But anyway, here I am—and it's about time too!—making this announcement for my KK Challenge 6 which will be held on 18 April 2010. I have, however, posted a link on my sidebar since a few days ago wherefrom one is able to download the Entry Form. Although several teams have said that they will be joining this hunt, I have only managed to assemble 10 confirmed teams so far.

I'd like to mention here that a team of master hunters from KL will be joining this hunt. They will be coming to KK for a short holiday around that time, and decided to join my hunt "for the fun of it", whatever that means. As I have said before, I usually design my hunt in such a way to allow most of the new teams to pass with at least 50% on the score; but I will also try to provide a bit of challenge for the strong teams as well. Well, OK, maybe a bit more than just "a bit"! Will the KL masters be able to get perfect score this time? I wonder! I'd like to think that even if they can achieve the perfect score in the end, they will have to work very hard to earn it! But we'll see how it goes.

Frankly, I haven't fully decided on the hunt route and the number of questions etc, but it is certain that I will throw in some of my "entertaining questions" to tease the stronger teams. Of course this is all a matter of opinion, but I've been told a couple of times that I'm bound to have some "entertaining questions", one way or another, in all my hunts anyway! (smile)

To the new teams, may I suggest that you try out my hunt as it is a very good learning opportunity. Most of the top 10 winners in the recent KK City Tourism Hunt are regular faces in my hunts, so let me boast here that the results speak for themselves! So I hope to see your participation soon!

Let's all have a ball on 18 April!


Cornelius said...

Just to update a bit on this hunt so far. As of yesterday evening, we have gathered 18 teams. Some of these teams have not actually submitted their entry forms/fees, but because I know them personally, I'm fairly certain that it will take quite a lot for them not to be there on the day of the hunt! Hopefully we can reach the targetted number of teams soon.

By the way, I have embarked on route-planning last weekend, and setting questions etc. So about halfway done now. This weekend, I won't be able to do anything on this hunt, as I will be away for a running event in Cyberjaya. I should be able to do the remaining half next weekend.

Cornelius said...

Well, folks, the KK Challenge 6 is on this Sunday. How time flies, huh?

Anyway, a few announcements to make just at this final turn to the event!

Yesterday, I was introduced to Datuk Clement Yeh, a nice gentlement who's generous enough to support this event by sponsoring the first prize in cash. I will make further announcement during the hunt itself. This is an important milestone as this is the first time ever anyone had sponsored cash for the KK Challenge series.

This morning, I was informed by a friend that there's a short article on the KK Challenge 6 in a Chinese paper. So that is another significant milestone!

Apart from the cash sponsorship, I am also expecting other sponsorship in terms of free vouchers for paintball games.

A special thank you to Datuk Yeh and all who've made the KK Challenge 6 so successful.

But of course the real thing will be on this Sunday! Prepare for a swell Sunday, hunters!

Cornelius said...

OK, folks, tomorrow is KK Challenge 6, and I can see that quite a number of you hunters are getting excited; perhaps overly so!

I met Harry at the Likas jogging track this morning, and he told me the some of his friends who're hunting for the very first time were panicking last night. He gave them something of a hunt tuition up till 11pm! But what Harry said struck me as very typical of Malaysians - they don't have the reading habit!

A couple of days ago I sent out the briefing notes for this hunt. It's quite comprehensive in the sense that I explained clearly the main themes, e.g. anagrams, reversals, containers etc. But Harry's friends didn't even bother to read those notes! Which is quite normal. The more comprehensive, the more they won't read. Some things will never change, I guess.... sigh.

It was a pleasant surprise to see my photo in the main paper yesterday regarding this hunt. Since then I've received quite a number of calls from teams keen to join, but I had to reluctantly reject them. The power of the papers! But perhaps Alvin should consider doing his Tembak Series after this?... or at least the Novice Hunt 2?