Friday, March 26, 2010

Decisions at Crossroads

Will be leaving for the airport shortly, so I'm afraid this won't be the usual long-winded post from me. Tomorrow will be the race, and as of Wednesday I still didn't feel that I had it in me to run the 21km in under 2 hours. But I'm sure as hell gonna try to!

Anyway, just glancing through the Star Online this morning, I read with interest this article, of a lonely man, GRACIOUS, who raised this question:

If all women only seek the best men, where would all the second or third-rate men turn to if not prostitutes?

I find it interesting that, knowing that prostitution is illegal in Malaysia, he "would rather have a brush with the authorities and meet my fate."

I'm thinking that GRACIOUS would be happy to know that most of the time, only the prostitutes will get into trouble, but hardly ever their customers. I don't know why that is so. However, perhaps GRACIOUS should also know that apart from "have a brush with the authorities" he is also inviting some dreadful life-threatening diseases.

GRACIOUS' kind of cure for the loneliness he's experiencing is not a real cure, for it is very, very temporary in nature; yet the potential damage could be permanent and terminal. But of course to some people, it's worth it!

Maybe because of the risks of diseases involved in going to the prostitutes, that can explain why this fellow did what he did, if only to kill his boredom and loneliness, I don't know. Skxawng!

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