Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Walking Bible

A priest was driving his old sedan into town one day, and a young beautiful nun asked for a ride. On the way, they stopped briefly at a red light, and the priest's hand started to wander and come to rest on the nun's knee. The nun remained calm, but said, "Father, remember Matthew 7:7?" The priest withdrew his hand apologetically.

They made several more brief stops, and at each stop the priest's hand wandered and rested on the nun's knee. And each time the nun uttered that same line, "Father, remember Matthew 7:7?" When they finally arrived at the town, the nun alighted the car, and the priest said, "Please accept my sincere apology, sometimes the mind is strong, but the flesh is weak!"

When the priest finally got home, however, he rushed to his Bible to look up Matthew 7:7, King James Version. It said:

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you"

Moral of the story is that whatever's one profession or expertise, he should make sure that he knows his business well. Otherwise, he is bound to miss rare opportunities to strike big!

Such is the story I'd sometimes tell younger people. I have quite many such stories that are quite often amusing, but contain valuable life lessons. Truth be told, I'm a non-believer of religions, and although I know some of the stories in the Bible, I only know Matthew 7:7 by heart; simply because I have the above story in my arsenal of life lessons for my younger friends.

Today, I was at the High Court to appear as an Assessor to assist the judge in a property dispute. During a short recess, some of us made a beeline to the toilet. Although there were separate male and female toilets on that floor, the male toilet was out of order, and we had to share the female toilets. It happened that the female toilet door was closed, and I thought there was someone in it. So we waited for a while. However, the wait became too long, and an old man started knocking on the door. No answer, and after a few more knocks, he opened the door. Turned out that the toilet was empty.

The old man remarked absent-mindedly, "Luckily I knocked on the door; otherwise we would have waited for nothing," and then added, "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

Upon hearing that line, I was reminded of my story above. So I said, "Matthew 7:7?"

The old man was extremely surprised. He exclaimed, "Wow! You know your Bible very well, young man! I'm very impressed!"

And I turned red in the face. I'm not exactly a young man at 52, and neither am I any good at the Bible. But thankfully, he did not ask me to cite other verses of the Bible. Tomorrow, I'm appearing in court again, and I hope I won't be meeting him in the toilet, just in case he might be tempted to quote other lines of the Bible, and expect me to name the specific Chapter.

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