Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Ring—Horror Story

A little over 2 years ago I posted an article entitled Harmful Curiosity. In it I shared the story that I'd read from the Borneo Bulletin some years ago—that of a man who had suffered severe consequences of his weird curiosity. 

And today, I experience a kind of de javu; as if I'm put into a time machine and then thrown back to the time zone of all those years ago. Hence the surreal feeling of reading the same news article of over 20 years ago, except that today I'm a much older and, hopefully, wiser man. 

An uncle said something profound to me a long time ago. He said something like, "The fools make the mistakes; and the wise men learn from the mistakes made by the fools." But the reality is that some people will never learn—they keep repeating their mistakes over and over again, and they don't even know what's hitting them!

So, de javu, over twenty years since the story of that man in Miri, now we have another man who slipped a ring onto his penis as reported here. I'm not sure if it's a case of curiosity or boredom, but as in the case of the man in Miri, the ring also got stuck on the penis of the man in the latest case. What I really would love to know is how on earth was he able to slip the ring onto his penis? As before, I can only think of two possibilities—either he had an extraordinarily thin penis or it was an extremely huge ring, although of course lubricants would have helped too. And again, why the penis, for crying out loud?

To be fair, it's entirely possible that the man in the latest case had no knowledge of what happened to the Miri guy over 20 years ago, and he therefore had no benefits of knowing the potential outcome of playing with the ring. I won't be surprised if there are other cases of "ring on the penis" out there. I have come to accept that this thing is much more common than I had previously thought. It's a weird, weird world, if you know what I mean? We would be better off having lesser of this type of horror stories in the world. 

Y'know, we have warnings attached to products such as plastic bags to be kept away from young children, for fear of death arising from suffocation. Which makes me wonder; maybe it's not such a bad idea to keep rings away from bored or curious men...

Especially men with very thin penises.

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