Monday, January 9, 2012

A Good Start For 2012

Most people spent their time ushering in the new year 2012 with friends and family member, drinking and eating like there's no tomorrow. Some stayed up well past midnight, into the wee hours of the morning. Yet others actually took the trouble swimming in the sea at the stroke of midnight, supposedly to wash away all the bad luck! I spent my new year a little differently.

On new year eve, I went cycling first thing in the morning with some friends. We clocked a decent 40km of short workout to the Sepangar Naval Base from Likas. It was supposed to have been a "slow and easy" ride, but of course when cycling with my friends, it's never really slow; and certainly not a very easy pace.

Later that morning, I went to BP Lab in Damai to check my hemoglobin level, as it was found to be slightly low a few months ago. I'm happy to say that the test revealed that my hemoglobin level had gone back to normal.

While I was at the lab, I decided that I might as well check my blood pressure too; I found that it's marginally high. That's kinda strange, because I've been working out almost on a daily basis. But of course there are many causes of high blood pressure. Well, I decided to text my running buddy, Dr Peter, to seek his opinion. He opined that something or somebody must have excited me.

The truth was that the cycling that morning might have had an impact on my blood pressure. But still, to start the year with a high blood pressure, albeit marginally, was something I wasn't happy about! I texted Peter again, suggesting that perhaps I should check my blood pressure again that night. But I said I had to do it before bedtime, because Mia might have something interesting on the agenda around bedtime?

Responding to my message, Peter noted thoughtfully, "Usually, not only [the] blood pressure will shoot up," he said; adding a free advice, "Try not to do the ultra-marathon version..."

Peter was concerned, of course, not only because of my blood pressure, but also because we had a long run planned for 4:45am the next morning.

At the ungodly hour of 4:48am the next day, which was new year day, I arrived at the Likas Sports Complex and found Peter, Jonas, Dennis, Robert and Teo. I was the last to arrive. We started out to Tanjung Aru, and along the way, a number of people greeted us with "Happy New Year!"

At the Wawasan roundabout, Dennis turned back, while the rest of us continued on. And then when we were about to reach Jalan Mat Salleh, we realised that Teo and Robert, too, were no longer behind us. Later, I found out from Teo that they made a detour and made their way back to Likas, making a total of 18.5km.

Jonas, Peter and I pushed on to Tanjung Aru. And at the roundabout, upon Jonas' suggestion, we made detours into secondary feeder roads, finally emerging at the beach area in Tanjung Aru. There, Jonas suggested that we run all the way to the Third Beach and take the seaside way back. But I was already tired, so I decided to turn back immediately, running solo all the way back for a 22km finish. Jonas and Peter did the sandy route along the beach and clocked about 25km.

The next day was still a public holiday, and I rewarded myself with a full rest day. In the afternoon, I was in my young nephew's birthday party, and finally ended up at the mahjong table at my dad's in the evening. There, I had another chance to check my blood pressure on a digital instrument. Well, it had gone down to normal again. So I'd consider that it's a good start for 2012.

Now if only the RM115 I spent on 4D numbers on Diriwan 88 would strike on new year day, that would have been perfect; though I must ask Peter if that would've raised my blood pressure even more?

Happy New Year to all my loyal readers. Wishing you all the best in 2012!

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