Monday, July 18, 2011

Paranoid Labelling

Some people have a curious obsession of wanting to label everything in sight. If there is a single item lying around the house without a label on it, it would be a torment to them.

Such is the paranoid obsession of JJ's grandpa. He has been a retired civil servant for some years now. I have a shrewd suspicion that he starts his days scanning around the house in search of what items still unlabelled. And of course it would be very difficult to find one, because he has been keeping himself occupied by labelling household items on a daily basis for years now. But if he sees an unlabelled item at all, I suspect that would make his day—at least he has a project for the day!

Whenever I buy anything at all for JJ, I'm always prepared for at least a bit of disappointment, because I know it's just a matter of time before grandpa would vandalise it. Take this beautiful bag, for example, which I bought for JJ. Don't you agree that it's a nice bag?

Well, as expected, in no time, grandpa vandalised it with these words on the top portion of the bag so that the whole world can see who it belongs to.

Of course JJ's clear folder needs to be labelled too. Who knows if someone else may mistakenly take it for his or her own.

Pencil and crayon cases will also need to be labelled. How else would everyone else know who it belongs to?

But just in case they missed that label on the cover of the case, then they are bound to see another label on the inside of it. Brilliant, isn't it?

And don't forget, even pens and pencils should be labelled too!

Just in case you're wondering—no, I don't have high blood pressure. All the running, cycling and swimming have helped to bring down my blood pressure to 110/80. I'm not sure how long that will last though.


Amelda Dianne said...


Cornelius said...

Aik!... Boh, kau masih baca uncle punya blog lagi?... Mau kepisan uncle bila tinguk barang bagus2 kena conteng2!... Rasanya mau gantung diri di pokok taugeh bah!

Oh ya, tahniah baru dapat cahaya mata!... Skarang ni sudah jadi mama! Jangan lupa minta angpow dari mami.... Dia tu boss besar di Borneo Resthouse! Silap haribulan, kalau urang ndak kenal, misti salah sangka pikir dia yg taukeh!

Amelda Dianne said...

Haha!! si Girlie pn suka label barang. Tapi yang dia label bukan barang dia sejak tapi barang2 aku skali. Yang paling bikin sedih dia pi tulis "Girlie De Sauza"!!!! Entah bila nama aku tukar jadi Girlie de Sauza??!!