Saturday, May 21, 2011

Judgement Day

No—this is not the Judgement Day of the Terminator movies. This is the Judgement Day as interpreted from the Bible through a complex series of calculations by one Harold Camping. But that is not the most amazing thing, really, as we all know that there are many, many nutcases in this world. The most amazing thing is that there are people who actually believe him!

Interestingly, Camping made a wrong calculation way back in 1994, when the Judgement Day did not happen. Presumably, he has corrected his mathematical formula—whatever it is—and arrived at a new conclusion; that Judgement Day is today!

Well, we're fast approaching noon here in KK, Malaysia, but I suppose it's still night time in America. It's not clear which time zone Camping is referring to, not that a few hours can make much difference anyway if the world is really coming to an end!

The thing about religious people is that it always boils down to one central issue—repent to secure a place in heaven; otherwise you will go to hell. No matter what religion, the message is always the same, that is to worship the "true" god to secure a place in heaven. Sometimes, there is an added element of time too, as in the case of Camping. Not only must you repent, but you must do it now!

If god is really such a cruel creature, who enjoys inflicting pains on his subjects, just because he has the power to do it, then I wouldn't want to be anywhere near him. I'd rather be thrown into hell. Love and respect can't be forced; they must be earned—even for god.

And so, as the hours and minutes wear away, to the dying moments of the world, I'm waiting for the punishment for the biggest sin that I have committed in my life—the mortal sin of not believing in the "true" god. In a few hours' time, when and if I appear before that conceited being up there in heaven to answer for my sin of unbelieving, I hope the punishment will be swift.

But on the other hand, if I live to see another sunrise tomorrow morning, I suppose Camping would be going back to the drawing board to recalculate the next date for the Judgement Day. I'll take my chances... keeping my fingers crossed...


Anonymous said...

he's making soooooo much money off of the people who are ignorant enough to believe. i read an article stating his net worth is in the double digit millions.

no wonder he just keeps pushing the date to a later time, it's his career.

Cornelius said...

I guess there are many gullible people out there. He failed in 1994. He failed again last week. And now apparently he's predicting yet another Judgement Day in October, i.e. about 5 months away. I bet there will still be people who'd believe him!

Tekko said...

My friend said he believe in the prediction and that there was a basis to it. So I asked him to give me all his money since he won't be needing it anymore but he said he need them to register for the SBR/AHM. Some belief! lol

Cornelius said...


I don't know about your friend, but frankly, I don't need the holy book to convince me that the world will most certainly come to an end sooner or later.

We are obviously talented in destroying this world - we destroy our jungles and seas; we're damaging the protective ozone layer in the sky; we're burning fossil fuel several thousand times faster than its formation. So there's no doubt in my mind that it's just a matter of time that the earth will be an overcrowded barren planet.

But I don't believe that a specific date is somehow cryptically hidden in any of the holy books!

Regarding SBR, some of my friends are going again this year. But I still haven't decided. I'm keeping the option open till later. Need to let SCKL out of the way first.

Tekko said...

I will not be doing the SBR this year. Too crowded. Instead I will be doing the Marina 21k which is a new race at the new Garden at the Bay that is currently still undergoing construction. Hopefully I made the right choice.

Cornelius said...

Wow! Tekko, there are soooooo many races in Singapore! We in KK have only ONE marathon a year. And yet even then there are jealous people who're trying so damn hard to kill the event. Very, very sad affair.