Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Borneo International Marathon—Countdown

This is the final week leading up to the Borneo International Marathon (BIM). This year the race falls on a day that is perfect for the event—it falls on the 1st of May, i.e. Labour Day. And knowing very well the sizzling hot morning sun in KK, it would surely be a very torturous race. The only good thing I can think of is that the following day is a public holiday. So all of us will have an extra rest day after the race.

Incidentally, I was having lunch with Andrew Voon, the Race Director, together with some other friends today. Organising a marathon is no small feat, really. It is just so easy to screw things up like the recent mess in the Energizer Night Race just over a week ago. But having listened to Andrew on his very busy schedule, and the busy days ahead, no doubt, I'm confident that the event is in good hands.

Training has been quite smooth, except for an injury in the arch of my left foot. I think it has something to do with the new adiZero Boston which I bought during the Hong Kong Marathon in February. The adiZero is a good pair of shoes, but somewhat lacking in cushioning. I was, of course, aware of this when I bought the shoes, but I reckoned that I'd trade off the cushion for the lightness of the shoes in the hope of gaining speed. If it's just a matter of half marathon or shorter distances, I think they're just fine. But beyond that distance... well, apparently my left foot couldn't endure it with the adiZero!

I have since gone back to my LunarElite, but I'm afraid it's a bit too late now. So this Sunday, for the very first time, I plan to take pain killers prior to the race. Hopefully, that can help to minimise the torture of the race.

This evening, I ran a slow 5km in Likas. Another 7km run tomorrow; and a final 4km on Saturday morning, and that's all the running for this week before the race on Sunday.

Maybe it's nerves, but I somehow have a bad feeling about this particular race. I remember telling myself that if I could achieved a personal best in the Hong Kong Marathon, then I didn't have to try for another personal best in KK. I would probably wait for another race later this year before attempting another record. But as I get closer to the race, I'm thinking I should at least improve on the 4:36 I set last year. I've made up my mind if I could do a sub 4:30, I'd be happy.

Of course my bet with Dr Peter, my running buddy, is still on. I still want to win, but my priority is to try to at least improve on the 4:36. If I could also beat Peter, that would be the icing on the cake! But I seriously doubt it. Last Sunday, he did a 12km run within an hour fairly easily (I did it in 1:10), so I know I'm in big trouble against him! I'm not throwing in the towel yet; I will try very hard to win, even if it's going to be an uphill task!

In the meantime, I've already started making plans for post-BIM. I recently bought a secondhand road bike from Andrew. I'm venturing into cycling and swimming after the BIM, but I've been told that I'm too late for the Port Dickson Triathlon. However, there will be a KK Cycling Challenge on the same date in KK. So perhaps I can at least join that race.

Obviously, I will be quite hectic in the months ahead. But right now, the focus is fully on this Sunday. All systems go; bring it on!


our_kidd said...

The countdown has begun...I'll be getting up early waiting for updates!

Cornelius said...

Well, not too early, my friend, coz the updates won't come so soon! The race starts at 4am, and I'm expecting to finish around 4:30. And then I'd probably have to wait at least another hour for Mia to finish. So by the time I get to update anything at all, it would be at least 7 - 8 hours! And that's assuming I'm still alive after the race!... haha!

kkchai said...

Should be more specific, finish 4.30 could mean you can the marathon in 30 min., you non-running "fans" maybe confused LOL..
Anyway, good luck to you this sunday. I'll in Singapore doing the Enerziser Night Trail, an easy 12Km only.

Cornelius said...

Haha! kkchai, you have a point there! To the non-runners, what I meant was to finish under 4 hrs 30 mins. To those who don't run marathons I know that sounds like a very long time. But you'd be surprised if you're trying to cover 42.2km on foot... time can seem like an eternity!

Thanks for your wishes, kkchai, I'm gonna need the luck. And good luck to you too. I hope this Energizer is nothing like the one at Sepang. Hehe. A friend of mine, Kevin, who joined that race prefers to label it as a "fun" run rather than a marathon. Maybe it's me, but it didn't sound like fun at all to me!

kkchai said...

I want to take back what I said about an easy 12Km for the S'pore Enerziser Night Trail. It was one heck of a run.

Cornelius said...


The only experience I have as far as night race is concerned is the Energizer Night Race (ENR)last year. It's true that many people consider the Penang Bridge International Marathon is a night race too, but I think it's just not the same.

What I experienced in the ENR was that somehow it was very tough. Perhaps the body clock is just not accustomed to running a race in the evening after a full day of moving around. I'd imagine that I would still feel the same if I joined another night race. But I don't think I will do one very soon.

I've been running too much this last couple of months to the extent of no opportunity to allow my injury to recover fully. I have come to a point where I know that I don't just join a race "for the fun of it". I know I just can't control myself to do my very best in every race. So I'm resisting the temptation to run the Sundown in Singapore, and the KL Marathon. That should give me ample time, I think, to recover.

I will just do a bit of running, and spend a bit more time on my cycling and swimming. Hopefully 2 months is enough for full recovery.