Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fairest Of 'Em All

JJ came home from school last Friday with a bit of news for Mia and I. She had with her some sort of circular on guidelines for hairstyles—or rather, which hairstyles are allowed and which are not.

JJ used to have very long hair up to her lower back. I liked it that way. I think girls look prettier, and women look sexier with long hair. But when she entered into Primary 1, Mia decided to cut her hair short. And I mean really short—up to slightly above her collar. Gave me quite a shock that I almost fainted when JJ arrived home from the hair salon.

I have since recovered from my shock and actually gotten used to seeing JJ with that hairstyle. However, this lately, we're attempting to grow back her hair a little longer; perhaps at least shoulder-length. Mia, of course, is careful to tie JJ's hair neatly each morning when she goes to school. I thought that should be good enough to escape the teacher's radar.

Well, apparently JJ's hairstyle is a no-no! I'm not too sure what's the problem, but there was a bit of commotion last Friday evening between JJ and mommy. And then a while later Mia came to me to show a piece of paper showing samples of hairstyles, acceptable and unacceptable ones.

Glancing through the unacceptable ones, I think I got the idea. If I'm not much mistaken the school is concerned with kids arriving in school with hairstyles meant for a fancy dinner party. We all know how women would spend half a day at the beauty salon to set up their hair for the sake of spending a few hours at a dinner party, don't we?

Maybe the school is concerned that it would very quickly turn into a "who's-the-fairest-of-'em-all" kinda thing, I don't know. This, I can fully understand. In fact, I support that policy wholeheartedly. But I fail to see why JJ's hair is unacceptable. I mean it's not like she goes to school with the sissy Edward Cullen's hairstyle, if you know what I mean? And don't even get me started on the Porn star again.

I'd really like to visit JJ's school to discuss with her teachers about her hair. Maybe that's the best way to understand the problem. Unfortunately, I just can't find the time to visit her school this week; and next week I think the kids will have their one-week break in conjunction with the Chinese New Year holidays.

I'm thinking maybe they'd be happier if JJ adopts the hairstyle of G.I Jane...


Aesthetic Introvert said...

mcm mau pingsan jugak tengok edward cullen punya picture.i thot...U????write about this vampire guy.rupax2 nya psl J.J.

Cornelius said...

mcm mau pingsan pasal tlampau handsome kah, 'Sha? haha! Tu gambar uncle guna sbagai sample saja bah! Rupa yg mcm tu pun gadis2 blh t'gila-gila! Alahai, zaman muda-mudi mmg ganjil betul!