Monday, May 3, 2010

Borneo International Marathon 3—Photos

So here are some of the photos I've managed to compile for this year's edition of the Borneo International Marathon.

Dr Joseph Lau, the gangster-looking gynaecologist running an awesome full marathon this year. He's passing the Harbour City in the background. Actually, the sun is already up at this time, but runners had a very brief moment of shade by the Harbour City shops.

My friend from west Malaysia, CP Tan, who found out the hard way about the kind of morning heat we have here in KK. At this point, runners are running facing away from the sun. But on the return leg along this same road, runners can't escape facing directly into the sun for at least a full hour!

Arriving at the Harbour City shade (about 29km) within a decent 2:54. At this juncture, I'm feeling a bit of exhaustion in my legs, but still holding a steady pace.

Teo, with his trademark kneestraps at the Harbour City/Sutera vicinity, looking very happy and going strong.

Now approaching the Tg Aru First Beach, and both legs suffering a bit of cramps. A long and painful pace in the direction of Tg Aru, but still facing away from the sun.

Teo, running through the arch into the stadium all smiles. The lucky devil only developed cramps in his legs within the last 3km of the 21km of his race.

And here is Teo again, crossing the finish line at his PB of 2:22 (he had targeted 2:25 prior to this race.)

My brother, Harry, running through the arch to the finish line to complete his first ever half marathon with a respectable 2:27.

Dr Joseph crossing the finish line at an admirable 3:49, beating his own time of 4:26 in BIM2 last October.

Kevin passing the arch, heading for the finish line, having been overtaken by Dr Joseph about 1.5km from the finish line. He finishes about 20-30 seconds behind Dr Joseph, but still achieves his sub-4-hrs target by about 10 minutes! His previous best for the full marathon was 4:10

Judy Liew finishes her full marathon with an impressive 4:13, and declared the runner-up. She walks away with a trophy and RM1,500 cash.

Vivian finishes her second half marathon a few minutes shy of last year's time of 2:49. This year she's 6 minutes adrift at 2:55.

Dr Helen, the self-proclaimed forever-fit marathon guru of SMC! Unlike in previous BIMs, she's just running a half marathon for BIM 2010, with a view of achieving something special in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon on 04 July!

CP Tan, running against the sun up to the end. An unpleasant experience for him I'm sure. But he improved on his PB by a minute to finish at 3:56 anyway! Good job, CP!

Dr Felice, shortly after crossing the finish line, obviously very happy that the torture is over within 5:55! She gave Andrew quite a bit of headache before this for her indecisiveness whether to run the full or half marathon. But she decided at the very last minute to run the full marathon anyway!

That's me finishing with energy from who knows where within 4:36 ahead of that tormentor!

And this is none other than that forsaken tormentor, living up to his name. I have a shrewd suspicion that he entered this race for the sole purpose of driving me up the wall! Well, he almost cost me my life within those last few kilometres because of exhaustion!

And a few seconds later, he crosses the finish line with so much pain in his legs, but still able to laugh for the comedy we both created over the last 5km or so.

A small group photo shortly after we finished. From left to right: Vivian, Dr Peter, myself and Harry.

With CP Tan at the finish line. He ended up with a detached toe-nail and had to go to the hospital to perform a small surgery to remove the nail.

Mia, just shortly after crossing the finish line. I don't know how she endured the hot sun, but she made it in 6:25! An amazing fighter, I'm very, very impressed!

And finally, of course not to forget the most important people, a big thank you to the "official photographers" of our small group of freak runners, Buddy and Sophia! By the way, very sorry for looking so damn messed up here.


teo said...

First of all, congrats to all runners, whether you have achieved your target or improved on your PB or not, "YOU ARE ALREADY A WINNER WHEN YOU ARE AT THE STARTING LINE"...sounds familiar right Corny??

Thanks to Buddy & Sophia too, both of you managed to FORCE a smile out from me under the torturing circumstances. When I saw both of you were waiting to capture me, I have to admit that I must somehow ACT that I was still strong & happy but in fact, I am not!! Sorry, it was all false impression.

Special congrats to Mia too, she must have endured the most torturing condition but still managed to compelete her first ever Full Marathon. The heat and sun was exactly like BIM 2008 or may be worst. Thrust me, it really takes someone with a heart of DIAMOND (not steel) to continue the journey. Also to Dr Felice, WOW after an operation at 3am and she still managed to start and complete a Full. Really Salute these two species la.....oppss...Super Women!!

So Corny, what's next? Climbathon or Triathlon?? Let's add more varieties in our medal collections before we say goodbyes.....

Socrates29 said...

Looks like you guys and gals had a great time in the just concluded BIM despite of the heat and humidity.

It is good to note that at one of the ladies,Vivian heeded your advice and did some shaving of her armpits as can be seen from her photo showing her crossing the finish line with both arms raised!
Congrats to everyone on your achievement!

Cornelius said...

Yeah, teo, that sounds familiar alright! But then again, teo, not everyone feels like a winner when they get to the starting line like you!

Quite funny how people can see the very same thing completely differently. Mia is very disappointed in herself for the 6:25 in her debut full marathon. I thought she did well for enduring that kind of heat for the longest! She sees it differently though; it's very close to a failure to her!

But then again, maybe that's a blessing in disguise, because now she's seriously thinking of going to Penang too to try to improve on her time!

Climbathon? Nah... I just can't handle the altitude sickness. So that's very, very unlikely.

Triathlon? Dunno yet, let's see if I can get over the scary thought of putting on a pair of tights like Robin Hood.

Cornelius said...


Yes, for the most part of it, we had a swell time! Well, except for the pain we had to suffer, of course.

And yes, Vivian always listens to her boss. All of us love her in the office!

delurk said...

I'm intrigue by the 2XU compression that cptan's wearing in the picture.

What is it suppose to do?

1. reduce drag? as in the logic of full body swimsuit?

2. support/compress the muscle/joint like an ankle/knee guard? why?

Shan said...

Sincere congrats to you and your run buddies! A great effort Corn and I was very pleased to have been able to catch you at the tj aru station :)

Cornelius said...


I honestly don't know the answers to those questions. You are at least one step better than me; I don't even know the type of tights!... hehehe

But my guess is that maybe one can prevent chafing between the thighs. For this race, I applied plenty of vaseline cream, so I escaped the problem. But without the cream, there would certainly have been blisters in the inner thighs. The muscles would expand a bit after say 30mins-60mins workout. That coupled with the salty sweat can cause the blisters!

I doubt that there is much benefits, if any, in terms of being aerodynamic for marathon. But perhaps CP would like to add a bit here based on his personal experience?

Cornelius said...


It's good to know that at least I looked fit!... hehehe, although it would have been better if I really was fit!

Tekko said...

FYI, compression tights and socks are supposed to maintain muscle stability and aid in blood circulation. Most of my friends swears by it and I do think that it can help to stave off cramps. It works the same way as hospital compression tights which the doctors give patient to wear after operation. A general write up of what compression tights does here:

blaze said...

Congrats to all finishers of half and full marathon.

Regardless of timing or position, by finishing a marathon, it is just something special. All the trainings and efforts you have put in to prepare yourself at the starting line did really help.

Thanks to Buddy and Sophia for the photos! I think all the runners appreciate your efforts very much. Cornelius, how come never introduce? And you took photos with the ladies some more with me at the background. At least give me a chance to thank them personally ma...

On my personal experience with compression tights: It helps me to reduce chance of muscle injury, reduce muscle fatigue, and help me in recovery stage. Don't think it will eliminate cramp completely, but I think it will reduce the chance of cramp as it helps in removal of lactic acid.

Cornelius said...

Wow!... didn't know the benefits of compression tights! Maybe I should seriously consider buying one. Who knows I can set special records!... hehehe.

CP Tan aka blaze,

So sorry. That was very thoughtless of me. I should've introduced the two lovely girls to you! I guess I wanted to monopolize their company all for myself... hahaha!

Cornelius said...

Oops! Someone texted me about Judy. He asked me to verify the info about her being the runner-up. It's all my mistake. Actually, it is correct, she is indeed the runner-up, but runner-up among Malaysian women.

The winners for the Women's Open Full Marathon (Non-Malaysian) are as follows:

1) Mai Tagami (Japan) - 3:32:28

2) Susan J Chepkwony (Kenya) - 3:33:48

3) Peris Poywo (Kenya) - 3:33:58

And yes, for the third place winner above, I have checked, that's really an "R" in the name, not an "N".

The organiser will probably need a bit more time to publish the entire result, but it should be soon.

HungryMe said...

Corny just wanted to let you know I have decided to re-leash myself back on the blogsphere. I'm now going to become a dedicated food blogger :D Something, after 6 years of personal blogging, that I've always wanted to try.

Wish me luck!


Cornelius said...

Ah! Shan! Welcome back to blogging again!... though I'm not a very big fan of foodie blogs... coz I'm afraid that I'll get tempted to try them out!... HAHAHA!

Had a quick look, and damn, that first picture looks yummy!